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February 08, 2015
I've been looking into different ways to increase my on-line security, since I managed (even with 2 anti-viruses and 2 spyware additions) to pick up a couple of Trojans and other tag-a-longs over the Holidays. Along my travels I found this site, that I think many here will get a kick out of. It's pretty hypnotic, so don't forget to blink >; ) What it is, is a site that shows you live ALL the hacking going on in the WORLD as it is happening. I am not an affiliate. I j
November 12, 2014
One of my favorite shows to watch on Sunday evenings, while growing up, was "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom". Through them, I got to learn about exotic animals, see strange places and people and really beautiful scenery. Led to some very interesting conversation with my father and some good natured arguements, too (he being the gunsmith and hunter, and me...not). I didn't really like watching the lions take down their prey, but then too, I didn't want the lion cubs to starve to death either. Ba
November 06, 2014
Yesterday I received an email from one of my affiliated companies that said they were discontinuing their affiliate program until after the first of they year, but not to worry, their going to make it all better (Good for me 'cuz their banner ads would not show in the side menu for me). I went to my site to remove their links and all worked well for the first page. Then I went to another, removed the links, hit update and....BZZZZT!! My computer totally went blank for a second, came back on and
October 19, 2014
I load them up and this is all I get after HOURS of trying! HERE. HAVE ANOTHER AND ANOTHER OH WELL! HAPPY HALLOWEEN ANY WAY!
October 18, 2014
A few days ago, my daughter commandeered my tablet because her laptop is messed up. The hinge is not letting her open it when it is closed and not letting her close it while it is open. So now she uses it as a "desktop" here at home, but she still needs something for her classes (remember when all they needed was a pencil and some paper?), so she's been using the tablet at school. Anyway, few days ago I was thinking of the up-coming Halloween festivities (how can you miss them, right?). and t
October 02, 2014
Yea! My daughter has her first job interview this evening! She was starting to get worried. I'm happy for her! She's ready for one, that's for sure. She's in a junior college here in town, and so is the offer for employment. The only bad thing is that she would potentially need to take the bus for a while, to get there and back. We usually walk everywhere since everything is close (and my truck is not working>: { ). I'll ride out there with her this evening because 1) she isn't all familiar
September 29, 2014
The sad news this morning prompted me to share with you all how I fund my subscription here at WA in the hopes that those of you who (whom?) are hard hit by the extra monthly fees, can sort of off-set the cost and maybe keep your heads above water for a bit longer. Ready? OK! Online surveys. I'll give you a moment to stop laughing.....You can stop now...Sigh! It sounds silly, but the good ones DO work! Luckily for you, since March of this year I've been taking surveys and can tell you the o
September 25, 2014
I've just about had it with Google+ - and everything else! I got up at 2:37am just so I could get in here to WA and find what I've missed. First off I got into my Yahoo email to check things out. Replied/liked some of what the fine people here at WA had to say, then cleared everything else so I could spend the remaining free time on my sites. I tried to sign in at WA and got "504 Error, Gateway timed out" HUH?! I could access everything else, just not WA. I looked it up and in a nutshell 504 er
September 16, 2014
OK. I did the Google+ bit and Thanks every one who added me to their "Circles" (I've added you all too), but I'm a little confused as to what we are supposed to be doing with it. I don't "do" facebook, but I am on Twitter and tried to avoid G+. Are we supposed to share what we post on our sites or share what we are doing here?Or is it just for "whatever"? So now I'm on to the affiliate program search and found one in my niche all the way off in Australia, so I guess I'll be able to start doing
September 08, 2014
Made it through the "Follow with Google+" portion with Lots and Lots of help. Thank You so much everyone! I feel like breaking out with a rendition of "I Can See Clearly. Now The Rain Is Gone", but I don't want to press my luck! I hope I'm not making things sound difficult for the new members. People are great here and being able to take your time till you finally "get it", is the best way (for myself, anyway) to make the lessons stick! I'm ready to go and absorb more of the knowledge offered a