Newbie's First Content - Not Ready to Publish! :)

Last Update: November 22, 2018

From The Newbie On The Block!

What to do? What to Do?

Both my sites have been indexed, but need contents. The first one was setup with a domain name unrelated to my niche. I will be working on this site at a later time when I gain more experience. But first, focusing on my second niche site now is top priority!

I could just breeze through Training Level 3 and mark it complete then move on, but it is so wrong! I must publish (at least) my first content and do the homework.

Did this ever happen to you? Please tell me this is normal. :)

Anyhow, I would like to thank everyone for all your support! I'm sure this will all come together for me!

Have an Awesome Thanksgiving Celebration Everyone!


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JeannineC Premium
Terri, for starters, just focus on one site at a time. Make the first one a success, then you'll have the knowledge of what to do and what not to do when building the second one.

Don't be terrified of publishing your first article - it's not like publishing a book, frozen in time forever. You can change it later, tweak it to improve it. It won't ever be 100% perfect, so be happy with 90% and move on.

I know it's scary. But you will feel so good once you've published the first one - a real sense of accomplishment. Go for it!
terri2018 Premium
Hi Jeannine! Thank you for taking the time to read and really appreciate your feedback. My Oops! I forgot to mention, the first domain was setup in error and will putting that in the back burner. I will work on that when I'm ready (I will edit my post)! :)

You're absolutely right, it's not a book we're publishing. I will constantly remind myself and point my thoughts to my second WA blog that 'this is a marathon not a sprint'!

I will go for it!
smartketeer Premium
Relax Terri ...

Is absolutely normal :)

And will be worse ... Especially with two sites :)

Keep up the good work & Godspeed!
terri2018 Premium
Thanks Zsolt for the kind words and encouragement!

I have edited my post about these two sites. Actually just focusing one for now. :)

I'll remind myself how scary it is for me getting to that marathon start line -all the time!

I'm sure it will be worth it!