Happy Three Months to Me!

Last Update: January 26, 2019

Hey WAWinners!

I reached this 3-month milestone here as a Premium Member the other day! So...Yayy, to me!

Here are just words straight from my heart. No pictures, no bold headers. :)

When I first seriously researched the 'online work from home world', I was just coming back from a trip after running the Berlin Marathon last September.

As many of you know, or you may have experienced, there are tons of 'too good to be true's' out there. My husband and I were scammed once - fortunately, we didn't lose much. Actually, maybe twice, Haha! It's unfortunate for those that lost thousands.

It was the time when I decided to take a longer rest before I start training again. First time taking a 3-month break (October-January)

Honestly, it felt off not actively training, but continued to stay active along the way. I managed to do two some short runs, workouts 2-3/week, and this month doing my first 30-day yoga journey. :)

I found WA in October. I took advantage of the one-time 1st-month premium offer @$19.00. Only two weeks into it, it became clear that this is something I would love to pursue for me, and my family's future financial stability.

Now that I put a lot of thought into it, - my decision of taking a break from NOT training for a running event the last 3 months, was the best personal and business decision combined I've ever done.

I am not where I planned to be in terms of writing quality contents on my website. My plan was to write regularly, I did not accomplish that part. But I'm sure I am where I need to be!

Why? Because of this....

3 Months Break from Training = 3 Months Building Towards Healthy Financial Stability

There is a reason for everything!

For me, this is a great milestone! And now, after I'm done writing here - I'm off to the trails and start training for my very first ultra race!

Am I ready to start? Absolutely NOT, but it's what I need and have to do! Just sharing or writing it that 'it is my very first ultra race scares the heck out of me'!

I am going out of my comfort zone again. Step by step, I will somehow prepare myself mentally and physically and make it to the start line healthy.

Guess what? It's EXACTLY the same building our businesses. We are going out of our comfort zones. We fail and we get back up! Don't you agree?

So, celebrate every single victory! Thank you to Grace - my Premium Mentor and to you all who have helped me each time I had a question.

Oh no! I didn't plan of writing this lengthy 3-month update.. LOL!

Have an awesome weekend WAWinners! :)


- - - - - - -

P.S. I forgot to mention, I was supposed to be in Vegas - last November that is. And that was to run the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Half, but did a 'No Show' because of the decision to take a 3-month break. But, it is my goal to be in Vegas next year with for Wealthy Affiliate. Will you join me?

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Thanks so much Claudette! :)
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Happy three months to you! Congratulations!
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Thank you Daniella! 😊