Amazon Affiliate Woes and Offers .

Last Update: August 22, 2017

So, I followed the instructions and set up my Amazon affiliate account some months ago. I even managed to get some sales but then Amazon decided that my account was not up to par and closed it :-( So I need to start again.

So, today or tomorrow I will be setting up new Amazon affiliate accounts for UK and USA. If there is anyone would be willing to swap "purchases" through these links in order to keep our accounts active, please let me know and we can make the necessary arrangement.

Let's work together to make this work for everyone.

All the best


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WaynePro Premium
HI, Gillian, I may take you up on that offer after I do some more work on my site. Thanks

RDoren Premium
I hope you find someone. This is a good idea. I can't help because I'm in Ecuador and international delivery fees are expensive.
DShensky Premium
good luck