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Last Update: Jul 26, 2021

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A belated hello to everyone. I'm sort of here under false pretences as I'm not planning on becoming an affiliate marketer, but the protagonist in my fledgling novel is, so I need to understand it. I hope that's okay?
I'm 61 and have had chronic fatigue for many years, but it's been especially bad the last two. I work as a part time P.A. but my job will be ending soon and because of my health problems I won't be looking for another. So I have no excuse not to knuckle down to writing; getting a novel published is number one on my bucket list. Because of my fatigue, this list is mostly sofa based activities; no naked skydiving for me!

So, I hope you lovely people don't mind me reading your posts for research and you never know, I might get the affiliate marketing bug I could do it from my sofa! 😀


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Jenny, it is such a pleasure to connect in WA and to read your profile.
An intriguing reason to be here with us.

I hope that we inspire you to stay on and enjoy some of the successes that our profession brings.

Have a good day.

What a cool reason to be at WA! Welcome!

Ah thanks so much 😎

That sounds like fun! I got pretty into writing my own novel (a fantasy adventure story) at the start of the year. But I've put it on hold the last few months while I get my website up and running, since I also work and only have so much free time.

Happy writing!

Hi Whatica, if you get back to it please let me know, we can cheer each other on!

Will do!

I hope you catch the WA bug, it's a good sofa job lol :) Best of luck to you!!

Thank you Joe……although at this time I guess I shouldn’t be making jokes about bugs 😳

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