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April 17, 2021
A lot of people have already written about achieving success at WA. I though I'd write something a little different.I received my first COVID vaccine. I have to get another injection in three weeks. This got me to thinking. There are very few people who this virus has not affected in one way or another. As for me, I've followed all the rules and never got the disease. My daughter (who is one tough cookie) was tested. It came back positive. It didn't slow her down and she has since recovered fro
April 01, 2021
So, Where is Everybody?I have a relatively small group of people in my network. I like this because I can read all the comments and posts by "my people". If the network gets too large, I simply won't have the time to read every one of the blogs, comments, and the occasional bit of training (I have a couple of thousand people in my Facebook account and, unfortunately, cannot respond to all the people who want to chat). There are a handful of people in my network here at Wealthy Affiliate who re
March 31, 2021
Many people write inspirational or motivational blogs. So I decided to change things up a little bit (with a nod here and there towards WA).The Story of Fred the CatMy then wife found Fred (that's what we ultimately decided to name him) In a Bank of America parking lot. This was the same site where, a few months earlier, three people, as best as I can remember, attempted to rob the bank. When the police arrived, a massive gun battle ensued. The robbers were equipped with fully automatic guns a
March 05, 2021
I'm getting ready to write up a new product review. As usual, I do a lot of research and try to find some good keywords. I try to find keywords that are as relevant as possible to my post. Otherwise, I could end up with keywords that seem artificial to my content.It is important to put up as much good information as I can find. I look at Amazon for customer reviews (amongst other sources). I also go to the manufacturer web site. I figure the first thing a potential customer is looking for is in
March 02, 2021
There are lots of ways to make money online. You just have to look for them and do the work.There is a guy out here named John Crestani. He claims to have made millions on the internet. He has published lots of videos. I find him rather arrogant and not such a good teacher ( he just started his own series of classes for, I believe, $900 a year). However, his videos are worth a look for new ideas.I understand that videos can be quite powerful. But I lack the self confidence to get into videos ri
February 28, 2021
I joined WA because of medical issues that make it very difficult for me to obtain a normal job. We have a program in the USA called Social Security. I currently receive benefits from this program. I would much prefer to make it on my own without dependance on the government. Medical costs here are insane and some additional income would be a life saver.Plus, I am fast approaching retirement age.The policies of our last government regarding retirement and medical care have left me embarassed to
February 20, 2021
Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything seems to be going haywire? Last week was one of those for me.I picked up some sort of bug (not covid, thankfully) which kept me in bed for two days. Then my toilet backed up. Tried using a plunger, but it didn't work. Fortunately after a day or so the problem fixed itself. Good thing that it did. The building I live in requires that you use their plumber. There is a minimum charge of $100. So if the plumber successfully got the toilet plunge
February 06, 2021
My niche is kitchen knives. I have 15 or so articles on my website covering everything from the history of kitchen knives to how to sharpen them. Am just about ready to start working with social media and need more content.But I'm out of ideas! I thought about writing something about swords (a long kitchen knife lol) such as the legend of king Arthur that site visitors might be interested in. But after a little research, my idea proved too daunting for a simple blog post.There is an article tha
December 08, 2020
This will be a very short post. I've been trying to figure out why my site isn't showing up in search results (I've looked at upwards of 30 pages of search results - no sign of my site) and stumbled across this: is a pretty long document, but I learned quite a bit on my first casual perusal.Hope it is useful!
November 04, 2020
I frequently look at other websites looking for new keywords. One site in particular interested me. It was pretty short and consisted of a bunch of quotes touting specific products. It did not appear to be 1,000 words long. But what it it did have was several dozen links arranged in no particular order. This site jumped between page one or two in google search results over the last few months. Today, it didn't appear in the top search results at all (page one or two). Is this the result of goog
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