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A year ago..

I was clueless about what the heck affiliate marketing is all about when doing some in-depth research online about how all this works.

I discovered affiliate marketing by chance upon researching for ways online on all the methods to make money online after failiing terribly at my dropshipping business.

Not only wasted so much time, but thousands of dollars in paid ads and refunds.

After researching all the different ways of making money online, affiliate marketing made the most sense with me.

Why I Chose Affiliate Marketing

  • Mistakes are Cheap. If you screwed up anything, whether it's your blog post, youtube video or facebook marketin, pinterest, etc.. You can always test out new strategies. It's not like you parked $10 000 in inventory and you're stuck with it.
  • You Can Solely Focus On Learning & Mastering Marketing & Sales Skills without bothering about the logistics and still make full-time income from it.

etc... What are the reasons you chose to do affiliate marketing?

I got a couple of other affiliate commissions emails too, some are Wealthy Affiliate Commissions.

But this is just an example as to show what's really possible with affiliate marketing.

This isn't to brag or anything. But I just wanted to shed some light to members here who are struggling now.

It Wasn't All Rosy.

Truth to be told, I tried learning & doing affiliate marketing from free resources online but it didn't go so well.

I came across Wealthy Affiliate in late 2019 and joined yearly premium membership. But 5 months into the journey, realised I hated having to write 1000+ words content daily about things I don't really give a shit about.

Especially as I'm someone with ADHD, it was just nearly impossible.

What If You Dislike Writing? Or just cannot churn out articles every single day

For me, I personally do not cannot push myself to write about things I don't have any interest about.

That was a huge mistake I made in the beginning.

So if you find youself struggling to create content, either change your niche to something you at least have an interest in,

Or change your Strategy. Maybe writing isn't for you at all?

Or produce lesser but higher quality articles so you avoid the burnout.

Only you know yourself best.

But if you hate writing, does it mean it's game over for your affiliate marketing business?

Absolutely Not.

There's a ton of top dogs in WA crushing it not only from blogging, but from doing Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

There's a ton of training here you can follow aside from Blogging.

My Takeaways from My $3000 Week:

  • Find The Vehicle That Works Best With You

Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, SEM, etc... There's a training for those in Wealthy Affiliate. Focus on 1 traffic platform at a time before diversifying. Don't try to spread yourself over multiple platforms at a given time.

For me, I gotten most results from Facebook. What's yours?

  • Have A Clear Plan/Strategy

The saying is true. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I was doing affiliate marketing back in the days like a headless chicken running around.

After I came up with a clear strategy and goal, it's when results started coming in.

  • Clickbank/JvZoo Cluster

Find private affiliate programs out there and don't just cluster around where everyone is clustering.

Clickbank, JvZoo, Warriorplus.. All the typical places affiliate marketers hang around.

**Btw I don't like the products from those places, most of them are crap and wouldn't recommend it to my audiences.

Find private affiliate programs in your niche, or at least go affiliate networks that have good quality products.

  • Don't Suffer In Silence

I used to try finding answers all by myself and giving up if I can't seem to overcome the challenges.

Start asking the community, ask your personal mentor. Get it right.

  • MMO Niche is NOT Saturated

Honestly, I used to think this way as well. But what I've discovered is that the MMO Niche is indeed oversaturated with people who don't know what they're doing.

Jokes aside, a clear plan & strategy, and staying in the game long enough will seperate you from the common 99% who dabble & quit.


Are you stuck in a rut with affiliate marketing currently? Hope this has shed some light as it did for me while I was stuck.

Let me know your thoughts on this

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I totally agree with you. Everyone has their own 'thing'. That one thing that you are really good at. I'm not that great with social media myself, I'm a bit leery of it. But I know that I will get there one day.
And thank you for your inspiration, it helps a lot!
Have an awesome day!

Thanks for sharing!
You know I had my heart set on dropshipping up until 6 months ago when I discovered WA and changed the online business strategy. I still want to continue with dropshipping after I have all the knowledge acquired here to build my affiliate business. Sometimes going down a wrong road leads us to the right place:)

Headless chicken - Lol! Right now, I'm focusing on learning how to do Youtube ads and videos...I believe in targeted traffic that wants to buy...Google ads work as well...instantly drive hot traffic to a blog....my landing pages leave a lot to be desired when it comes to user-friendliness though...

I feel my CTA's are too weak and there is too much text on a page. So I am going to try my hand at webinar funnels...Time for some make-up!

I can see why people give up though...I've given up about 5 times before discovering WA. I wasted 14 years getting courses and being scammed by the thousands...

Me leave Wealthy Affiliate after all that? NOT A CHANCE!!

Thank you for your honest, motivating and inspiring post
I do appreciate you sharing it with us

A really encouraging and motivating post. Thank you for sharing. You are doing great. A great plan you have and congratulations on all it has brought you.
Wishing you continued success.


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