The Road So Far - 2 Months

Last Update: March 08, 2016

I just completed 2 months here at WA and with my website, which means it's time for a blog post about how everything is going. ;)

Current Progress

I'm currently on Course 5, Lesson 6, which I believe is really good. I'm still learning a lot with everyone and all the courses, so it's still a very good experience.

I believe I have found a new niche to work on, but it's still not time for that. I want to keep focused on my board game website ( and keep applying what I learn in here before moving on to something else.

My Website

I currently have 19 posts in my website, 10 more than last month. This is great as it's still more than 2 posts per week.

As I always do, here are some statistics:

  • Unique Sessions: 257 (more than the double)
  • Unique Users: 187 (almost 4 times than it was before)
  • Page Views: 615 (not a big increase, but a increase)
  • Traffic Originated from Google: 112 (more than direct traffic for the first time)

It's still nothing exceptional, but I'm amazed how good it's getting. I have to think that this is a very small niche and very hard to get into. So I think it's a big win.

If you have a minute, please check my website and share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and Pinterest, it'll be a great help:

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Recent messages
Bernd16 Premium
thank you for sharing your progress, expecially the statistics.
Your WA Rank is amazing. Great work.
Tchelow Premium
Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.
JonStevens Premium
Congratulations on the great progress!
Tchelow Premium
Thanks Jon
Junkexchange Premium
Great progress. We started less than a week after you. Site looks great. EZ flow, lots of info, holds your attention. Shows we still have a lot to learn. Rod and Troy
Tchelow Premium
Thanks Rod and Troy.
I know you guys are having a good progress as well. :)
beemee17 Premium
I'm only just finished course one... But after reviewing your website, it looks very impressive. All the principles to generating revenue from a niche website, which I'm sure I will be learning about soon, seem to be there. It was nice to get a preview of what I'm in for.

I wonder if some of the big name game companies will offer free games for you, in exchange for a review. This would help with your variety!
Tchelow Premium
Thanks for your feedback. It's great to see that you're identifying what I'm applying there because it means two things:
1. I'm doing it right and
2. You're already on the right path.

I'm talking with a small company about a new product they will launch later this year to see if I can grab a copy to do a review before hand. Let's see how it goes. :)
SantiagoF Premium
I really like your page, it looks really professional. Browsing it I thought that a section dedicated to videogame, series and movie boardgames could be cool, I have a Zelda Monopoly and a GOT Risk and I love that kind of special editions of regular games, but it´s just an idea. Congratulations on your page!
Tchelow Premium
Thanks Santiago, that's actually a great suggestion. I'll not do videogame because it's actually a different and very broad niche, but I'm starting to do board games that go mobile for example. Movie board games is something I can probably do. It's going to be really fun. Thanks for that! :)