The Road So Far - 1 Month

Last Update: Feb 6, 2016


Hello everyone,

As I complete 1 month in 2 days, I thought it was time for another update in my progress.

Current Progress

I'm currently on Course 3, Lesson 8. I didn't progressed as much as in the first 2 weeks, because writing content takes time and I always want to make everything perfect, so finding images, reviewing texts, figuring out if I didn't miss anything drags me for around 1 to 2 hours for every post I write. I don't mind the time I spent doing it, because it's a subject a enjoy, so I take my time and do it as better as I can.

I'm still not doing the Affiliate Bootcamp, because I believe I still have a lot to learn. Nevertheless it's in my plan to start a new website in this specific niche.

I also think that I still need to find another niche other than board games, because they're usually cheap and the commissions I may earn will not be enough. In any case it's a very nice way to test my skills and apply the concepts I learn here at WA.

My Website

At the moment I have 9 posts in my website, which is great because it's more than one per week and my goal is to have at least one.

As I don't see anyone doing it, I think it'd be nice if I give you some statistics:

  • Unique Sessions: 108
  • Unique Users: 50
  • Page Views: 511
  • Traffic Originated from Google: 29 Sessions

It's nothing exceptional, but for the first month I believe it's actually really good.

If you want to take a look at it, please follow this link:

Next Steps

I still need to change my front page. As someone mentioned, my little intro in there is not very good and I'm missing some other content in there... I don't know exactly what, but looks like something is not right.

I also need to update my News page to make it more like the Reviews one.

I need to keep writing content, sometimes it doesn't even need to be targeting a specific keyword, but I have to keep doing it. It's the only way to improve my traffic and get better rankings.

General Comment

I've been looking at some comments people leave in websites and reviews they do about other members sites and it simply doesn't looks correct. I believe people would prefer some real criticism other than just "Your website looks great". In one case the website didn't even had pages working and texts were wrong.

Let's commit more when trying to help people and provide better feedbacks and better conversations about ways to improve what was done and ways to fix the issues other members may be having. Don't say just for the sake of saying. Sometimes not saying something helps much more than saying something unnecessary.

Anyway, I expect to receive some good comments and critics about what I do. That's how I believe we can improve.

And you, what are you doing? What's your progress? How's the feedback you are receiving and giving to other members?

Recent Comments


I agree with both comments I also reviewed you site I thought it was simple and had good content but not enough of it I believe you need to put more of you into your descriptions like how you feel when you are playing the game tell a story about it I have 2 gamming sites .If you want to check them out you can go to my profile and you will see them listed or pm me and I will give you the urls you can also look on line and see some of the sites that have a lot of traffic and see how they accomplish it but you are doing the right thing by keep writing content because content is the main ingredient to running a successful website all the best Max

I just took a look at your websites Max and I see what you're meaning.
Thanks for your kind words.
I'm working on the contents as fast as I can, but I still have to work the whole week and it takes time ;) I also believe that focusing on the content is key and I'm taking my time to do it properly.

First of all, congratulations on the page views - that's really good for just 5-6 weeks! You're on your way and what a perfect niche!

So, here are a couple comments or suggestions. I like the simple layout of the site.

And these are just my personal opinions, so take or leave!

1) at the top the whole slider - I think it would be better to remove it and just work with the straight up content starting with 'latest reviews'.

2) your about me at the bottom - liven it up! Tell us your real first name there too so I mean board games are fun so definitely make it sound light and fun! Something like "check out my site to read up on the winners and skip the losers! I check them all out for you." or something like that?

3) try to make your featured images consistent dimensions - so the same width and height so the home page looks more cohesive.

4) Instead of "News" which sounds sort of dry, maybe something like "Latest Game Posts" -

5) go ahead and make the site more personalized - use words like "my" and "I love" - I think it would give it more impact too.

I know what you're saying about people not giving feedback and just saying supportive comments, I think that's true - but the positivity is really nice too haha.

These are some great suggestions. I'll work in some today and will change the others as I make new posts.
The idea about the News section is quite nice and I like it.
Thanks very much for your time and for your review. They're very valuable.

Hi Tchelow, I just went to visit your website. First of all, it's great that you seem to be working on it consistently! When I read through a few of the posts/reviews I started thinking that it might be great if you could show your readers how fun it is to play the game. Instead of describing the game and the rules, maybe you could have a picture of you and your friends having fun, or even a video that explains how to play... Videos take a lot of time, but maybe one or two pictures of you (or friends and family) playing the games once in a while?

nice ! I like that suggestion

Videos at the moment are out of question due to lack of time to handle all the edition, upload, etc. But maybe when I have more time to focus on the website, it'll be something good to do. About the pictures, it's totally doable. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try to take some when we play it again and insert into the posts. :)

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