Day 2 - A Newbie Starts Out

Last Update: February 07, 2019

I was able to watch the second video, "Completing Your Account Setup" with ease, which was a relief after the Day-1 horror of watching a spinning wheel instead of the video's content.

As per lesson instructions, I commented on two other members' aspirations. One of them was hoping to make $5000 a month on an input of 30 hours a week, which I found… er, *optimistic* ;=) I followed the gentleman instantly, because, "of course". That kind of chutzpah and optimism must be rewarded! Besides, if he pulls it off, I'd certainly like to watch and learn how he does it.

The other person I followed was looking to make a £100 week on a daily effort of 2-3 hours, which I rather expect is eminently achievable. I'm following him to to see how easily he achieves this seemingly-reasonable goal.

Good luck to me, good luck to them, good luck to all of us—and have a nice day :=)

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bryanb007 Premium
Great to hear that things are improving for you. Stick to the training and you will be surprised at how good it gets.

All the Best with your efforts
tbowyer Premium
Cheers, Brian.

Yep, I'm moving on with the training and I'm now about to start writing content into my website—can hardly wait! :=)