Action is the Key to Success - SMART Goals

Last Update: January 20, 2017

Taking Action is the Key to Success...

That is all that it takes with a dose of enthusiasm, hard work and persistence.

Make the plan. Set the goals. Take action

How to set SMART goals






SPECIFIC: Be specific with your goals. It will be easier to achieve. To be specific answer the questions: who, what, where, when, which and why and that will help redefine your goals. Who do I need to research to find out more about my niche? What do I need to do to get from A to B? Where can I find this information or others that are knowledgeable within my niche? When can I achieve this goal by? Which tools do I need to make my tasks easier? Why? What is my why to keep taking action?

MEASURABLE: Set a time frame of when you want to achieve your goals. Keep it simple. Set up the overall plan then break that goal down in to small tasks. What are your daily tasks? What do you want to achieve in a months time? Where do your want your website business to be in one years time?

ACHIEVABLE: Make your goals achievable. What is your overall goal? What do I need to do on a monthly basis? What do I need to do on a daily basis to achieve that monthly goal? What are your targets? daily? monthly? annually?

RELEVANT: Make your daily tasks relevant to where you want your business to grow. What is my biggest task with my website? Do you need to spend more time writing high quality engaging posts? Then invest more time in relevant goals. Goals that are going to make you money.

TIMELY: Keep a time frame so you can stay on track with your goals. Keeping relevant with your content can also be timely so that it is refreshing and new.

Don't forget, Action is the Key to Success!

Kick those Goals! All the best! ;)

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SMART is smart. Thanks very much for this blog and great reminder. I love SMART goals.
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Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for engaging.
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Great presentation Tasha. Thank for sharing.
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Thanks for commenting Jerome. Glad you enjoyed it.
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thanks for sharing
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You are welcome. I hope it is helpful!
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Thanks for sharing these words of wisdom Tasna.
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You are welcome. All the best.
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Spot on presentation Tasna. Thank you!
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Thanks Mike.