How Prehistoric Relics Manage Modern Technology

Last Update: January 17, 2018

I was reading a member of the community's bio and he mentioned that his children call him a 'prehistoric relic' because he came from the age before the technology revolution.

Hailing from that era caused an explosion in my mind of memories and present day happenings about how prehistoric relics manage modern technology.

Life Was Bliss Packed Off For Formal Education

My life until about five years of age was spent in carefree abandonment, running around barefoot and fancy-free.

This was all rudely interrupted when I was packed off to boarding school and a life of being told what to do, when to do it, how to do it and why to do it!

A tedious life of conformity and I lost my individuality in the maze of obtaining an education.

It has created a law-abiding citizen who has learned how to operate at the command of society's expectations.

I do appreciate the years of freedom I had with no technology, growing up to a teenager with no electricity or television.

Modern Technology Enables Vast Opportunities

I completed a diploma course enabled by modern technology.

There were no libraries or other facilities for me to obtain the information I needed to study and use for the course.

I lived out of town and the college was on another continent.

All I needed to be able to study and obtain a diploma was a laptop and an internet connection.

And yes I managed this as a prehistoric relic from a bygone era.

At University Building An Online Business

My brain feels like it is on an ultra marathon doing Olympic gymnastics with the amount of technology and information passing through my daily life building a business through Wealthy Affiliates incredible platform.

The training and facilities offered on how to integrate and use modern technology are second to none. All at my finger tips at a click of a button.

Did I ever think that I could achieve the feats that have been accomplished over the last months?

It was not part of my goal plan because I did not know anything like this existed.

In A Good Place Achieving With Modern Technology

My hours are spent working with what the technology age offers, it is challenging.

I am blissfully happy to be expanding my vision and experience.

The daily routine is defined by me and I choose when to time out and take a stroll outside barefoot, breathing in and appreciating life.

No hustle and bustle of chaos from the modern world of hectic speed.

The world of technology is open to anyone who has the desire to embrace it and use the vast opportunities out there.

At a click of a button drop a comment and let me know how your world operates with modern technology - no age limit applies.

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arielharris7 Premium
Oh Tania, I can so relate to this! You said it so beautifully. I also see technology as the double edged opportunity. It makes the world able to share a cup of tea, but it also does not encourage eye contact and real conversation at times.
Does it allow us to build a fabulous business? Yes for sure and that I am truly grateful for. Thank you for writing this.
CraigW315 Premium
I have some mixed feelings about technology.

I remember when my dad brought home our first computer, a TSR-80 from Radio Shack. I thought it was the coolest thing ever, Thus began my love affair with electronic entertainment.

My dad grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and as an adult became an engineer. He loved tech-y stuff it was especially great for him once he retired, because it gave him something to keep himself occupied.

But where it was something interesting and fun for my father, it is now something that I can't imagine living without in my own life. I am on my computer every day, for a large part of the day. When I am away from it, I am checking email on my phone.

I kind of miss simplicity.

I am fairly strict with my kids in regards to electronics.They have 2 hours on Saturday and another 2 hours on Sunday for all their electronics. The rest of the time, they read, play with toys, go outside, etc. I want them to know that there is more to life than video games. They don't even watch TV, except once or twice a week when we sit down as a family to watch something together.

The availability of so much knowledge at our fingertips is pretty amazing though. I am extremely grateful for that, but I also find that because everything is so readily available, people are not retaining it as much. Why learn facts and figures when you can just look them up again when you need them?

So while I love modern technology and recognize the immense good that comes with it, I also have some concerns.
TaniaHersel Premium
I am thoroughly enjoying modern technology. Yes, discipline is important
MKearns Premium
That's a nice picture of you Tania. Looks like Redwood National Park in California!
TaniaHersel Premium
Its off Site Content images so you could be right about the location.
MarkBa Premium
There is no doubt that modern technology has contributed enormously to my life, but I am extremely grateful that my childhood and young adulthood was largely technology free.

I think it's that memory that allows me the joy of choosing to still have technology free days now too. :) ~Mark
TaniaHersel Premium
2018 I decided that Saturday would be my break from the techno world. It is important and pleased you mentioned it.
Thank you for reading and commenting.
Tirolith Premium
prehistoric relic from a bygone era, "Is that I."At 76 years of age I have the best of both Worlds. Boarding school was fun. Lots of boys to play sport 7 days a week and some school. I nearly forgot that.
The school in Brisbane, Australia was taken over during the Second World was by General Douglas MacArthur as head quarters for the war in the Pacific.
The primary boarding school was moved up to Tamborine mountain behind the Gold Coast out of the way of the war and not moved back until the late 50s. Running bear foot through the jungle, swimming in the creeks and climbing water falls etc.
The good old days. Only one lad was hurt when the monkey vine broke and his name was not Tarzan.
Sorry kids of today as you have missed out.

TaniaHersel Premium
What fantastic memories, thank you for sharing. Life has really changed and we have moved with the times!
MKearns Premium
Interesting story o adjusting to the war. I bet they got busy when Darwin on the north coast was hit!