Does Autoresponders boost your profits? (I made 3 sales and 1 upsale)

Last Update: Feb 2, 2019

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Do autoresponders boost your profits and help with conversions?

I know Wealthy Affiliates is about building up a Niche website and making money from google SEO, This is all good when you have everything set up and and getting tons of traffic


What do you do with that traffic?

Some people just land on your site read a review and leave, NEVER to be seen again, That's you just lost a potential customer and hope your next site visitor buys from you.

People in general only buy from someone they know like and trust which is why a lot of people Recommend that you start an email list , and email your list daily with helpful information and tips, so when you promote something to them they will buy from you.

So I wanted to test that theory

Too test I choose an affiliate product from warrior plus that's had a front end sale price of $7 I keep 100% and then it changed $20a month i keep 50%, until canceled - plus they had backend upsales I get 50% of them too.

I would create 2 identical squeeze pages and send 100 clicks to each page

Not the page i was promoting, just an example of page 2

The only difference with the 2 pages were

Page no 1) Had a buy now button that took them directly to the offer

Page no 2) Had a sign up form before being redirected to the offer - then they would get a 5 day email follow up sequence

So I went of facebook and promoted the pages and got 100 clicks to both squeeze pages I then waited 5 days for the emails to be sent and the results were as follows

Page no 1)100 click and 0 sale - nothing at all

Page no 2) 100 click 3 X $7 sales that would lead to 3 x $10 for 3 months, 1 $50 upsale and 37 new email subscribers that i can promote to or send back to my site

So just by adding an email capture form and a 5 day email autoresponder follow up I got

3 X $7 = $21 +

+50% of $50 = $25

=$46 Instantly

And then $30 a month for the next 3 month = $90

That is $136 total from only sending 100 people to the page VS the ZERO i got from sending them directly to the offer

That Beats the average $1 per email subscriber, especially since i only had 37 email subscribers

SO what I learned from this is always capture emails and follow up with your customers and thet email autoresponders are worth their weight in gold

I have actually just signed up to an autoresponder that if offering Unlimited email subscribers as a promotional offer until Midnight on sunday for only $25 a month before they go back to there original price plan

I actually did a review of this Autoresponder on the 25th of april 2018, but they have added a few thing since then So I will have to update the review

If you would like to see the review its the 2nd link on my profile page.

SO to answer the question Do autoresponders boost your profits and help with conversions?


Always build an email list when if you can when it make sense.

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Good advice but I just hope you are not using Mailchimp as they don,t like Affiliate marketing and will shut down your account without any notice.I have known people to lose lists of a thousand just like that. Most marketers recommend either GetResponse or Aweber, both have a 1 month free trial..
you are right though "The Money Is In The List". and every member on average is worth $1 per month so it soon adds up.

Sendshark is only new but Joel Therien is a well known Marketer. but there have been others before him that started up Autoresponders and crashed. One was Listwire which was free for unlimmited subscribers and a lot joined I belonged to awhile back but also lost my list.
If you have a list of 50.000 then you can easily afford $200-$300 a month because you would be making $50.000 a month.
Good luck.

No No I had a MailChimp account closed down on me for doing affiliate marketing in the past, NO MailChimp
This company like and encourage affiliate marketing

Yes it is a relatively new company or brand, they still use the same servers they used for his company GVO that was formed in 1998 that is still up and running and making money so I don't see them crashing anytime soon

I also still have a small list on GVO, But I am moving them all over

I have used both Getresponse and Aweber and yes they are good autoresponders, but they also have restrictions, one being how many times you can mail your list

I have heard of account being band for over mailing their a list with Aweber resulting in the guy losing a 25k list

Very interesting post. I'm still working on my email list...

I think Email list is a must

I have mad mistakes in the past when I had an email list and stopped using it, and other time when I did not email the list I had built up

Both mistakes cost me money lol

This is an awesome post. Although I've been thinking about starting an email list, I don't have one. I'm still trying to figure out what in the world I am going to send to them...LOL.

Anyhow, do you like this autoresponder? Is it easy to use? What is the catch? Does it work like a regular email responder? By the way, your link to the review isn't working so I was not able to read it.

Are they new to the market? Sorry for all the questions but, unlimited emails for an autoresponder seems like a massive deal. I would be interested in the review you wrote. I look forward to your response.

Thank you :D

You should always send your list helpful things about your niche, you can even send them your helpful youtube video or other blog posts ect just to build up trust, then promote to them when you have something that fits

Yes, I do like this autoresponder, I have used it in the past but I cancelled my subscription and started a new one so I get the unlimited subscribers as I am not sure if it worked for existing customers

It is about as easy as all the rest all autoresponders have a bit of a learning curve. but once you have used it for a bit then it's easy enough.

The only catch is that the unlimited subscribers offer ends on 03/02/2019 @ 00.00 central after that date they go back to the original price plan.

Yes, it's like a regular autoresponder, it can be a bit better as it was made for marketers and you can mail your list as much as you like without being penalised for spam or over mailing as you do for a lot of them.

They have been around for a long time, but the company is going in other direction and expanding, this is also why they do promotions like this, so they stand out from the rest.

To read the review try clicking on my profile than on the 2nd link if that doesn't work let me know

Okay, thank you. I have found the review. I didn't read it yet, just wanted to let you know I found it. Thank you, for this valuable information. I am going over to read your review now. Thanks for sharing!

No problem.
I have made a lot of mistake with email in the past 1st was. I stopped building a list and gave an ebook away. The 2nd was not email the lists i dis build.

Both mistakes cost me a lot of money lol so i dnt want people to male the same mistakes i did at the start

invaluable information and research, thank you for the generous sharing :) I have added you to my network favs

Thanks you for the kind words and the add :D

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