I Made It To Vancouver!

Last Update: August 24, 2010

I made it to Vancouver BC yesterday but unfortunately my time will be up tomorrow when we leave for Victoria. I am excited and sad that my wife and I could not have a longer holiday but I will take what I can get. I have not seen Kyle and Carson yet but I keep looking out for them while we are walking around or riding the Canada Line. 

I am looking forward to our ferry ride over to Victoria and spending 2 days there. We decided that when our son is older we will come back and spend a little longer here. 

Jay I am sure I will not get a chance to meet you on this trip but maybe next time or even maybe in Vegas! 

Stanley Park was beautiful today. The weather was fantastic and our son cooperated on the 7k walk we did today. I think he really enjoyed the ocean. 

I would highly recommend that everyone take the opportunity to visit Vancouver and take a walk around. The Winter Olympics had to be a blast here. I enjoyed seeing the torch at the waterfront and the countdown clock and all. What an experience. Well once my IM really takes off I will be here for holiday alot more. Thanks to all at WA for the encouragement and help in getting my business moving. 

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Victoria is one of the most beautiful cities - I used to live there and I miss it :) but I was out there just a week ago to see my family so I shouldn't complain! The east coast of Canada where I live now is beautiful too. I adore Canada!
morlandroger Premium
You will love Victoria I am sure. The ferry through the islands is a great trip, be on the look out for eagles. Long time since we were out there (10 yrs) but will return one day. Perhaps when this IM really gets going for me. :-)
taku123 Premium
Thanks Jamie, so far so good. Jay I just sent you one back. I will see how our day pans out and how our son is doing but possibly meeting at the cafe may work if you are out and about. Thanks!
Jamie Smith Premium
wishing you safe travels
magistudios Premium
Hey Dude - you never know, I am planning to be downtown tomorrow. I sent you a PM with some details!