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Last Update: August 20, 2016

Hello everyone, i just want to tell you all my experience here at WA has been for me.To tell you the truth i have never been involved with an online business venture before, let alone been part of a community at that. I'm that type of person that needs to build up trust with other's before i start talking to them.

But here at the WA community i am so at eased, comfortable and relaxed,not only because there are so many nice people that are always willing to help you out when you need it,you get that feeling that everyone is so legit, and no one here is trying to sway you away from your goals.

It has taken me a while to get thing's right with my website,because i don't know much about, WELL anything to do with the computer world,it has been and up an down road for me,specially when i first started!.I didn't know what theme's were, plugin's, the tool's didn't know what they were, even going through the course's i didn't understand anything, i would admit, i had to go back to each course a couple of time's just to figure out and understand what each element of the words mean't.

So 5 week's later it has become more easier for me and the knowledge that i have attained through out the process has really amazed me.Through out the 5 week period there were time's where i wanted to give up and quit, plus behind the scene's here at home thing's weren't going that great too, so that naturally added to my stress level's, not been able to focus and just wanting to put my hand's up and EXPLODE!!

Than i thought to my self, i am trying to get my self out of this cycle of giving up and accepting that this is how my life is suppose to be, HARD,Living from pay day to pay day,not been able to enjoy life with my kid's because i'm always worried about how the bill's are going to paid, am i going to be able to afford what my kid's need for school? These negative thought's were not doing me much good at all.

So i got back on my computer, head down and just kept learning,ASKED FOR HELP FROM THE COMMUNITY, and learn't,It was hard but i still stuck in there,Because i know if i don't give up,then i'm not letting another GREAT opportunity slip through my hand's that can benefit my family and our future.I'm still learning and will continue to learn, and i can't wait till my page is up and running.That will be one achievement goal that i have faced and conquered,with much pleasure and satisfaction, and i will be ready for my second conquest, that i can begin.

Thank you all for writing my EXPERIENCE HERE AT WA

please leave a comment and let me know your thought's.

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NickiB Premium
That was a good read Tahyen .
Just Continue with your work ,Good Luck
Tahyen Premium
thank you for your feed back mean's a lot,if you need feed back on yours please let me know