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September 04, 2016
Hi everyone, i know that the number one question that i've seen getting asked a lot is how to link the amazon link and image into your website page! Now for me personal this has taken me a couple of weeks to figure it out,and as we all know its bloody frustrating grrr....what i did was go to my associate page on amazonclick on the product that i want to selectclick on text linkcopy and pastego to my page, click on CODE, you must make sure your page is set to text view.code will show up on your
August 20, 2016
Hello everyone, i just want to tell you all my experience here at WA has been for me.To tell you the truth i have never been involved with an online business venture before, let alone been part of a community at that. I'm that type of person that needs to build up trust with other's before i start talking to them.But here at the WA community i am so at eased, comfortable and relaxed,not only because there are so many nice people that are always willing to help you out when you need it,you get t