"Making A Murderer" Meets Bad Web Design

Last Update: February 05, 2016

In a previous post of mine, I railed against shoddy-looking websites that hark back to the late 1990’s:


A website that’s a total eye sore will face a tough road ahead no matter how good the content is. And unfortunately, this applies to too many WA websites : (

A couple of days ago, I saw a link to a hilarious post which relates to what I’m talking about:


(Make sure to also read some of the comments as they’re pretty funny).

This post is a great example of what NOT to do with your website. In particular, I see a lot of WA member websites violating example #2.

Sorry to be harsh but I want everyone here to succeed! Your business shouldn’t suffer because of poor web design!

Now, regardless of what you think of Ken Kratz, I’m sure he’s done just fine even with his amateur website. But I wonder how much more business he would have gotten with a professionally-designed one. Then again, maybe most of his cases came word of mouth, especially after the Steven Avery trial.

Anyway, what are your thoughts (about web design that is, NOT the trial)? : )

- Stephan

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
It can be a work in progress, thank you for the reminder Stephan
SZev Premium
Yes, it can be but lots aren't! : )
Delighted1 Premium
Yay, I am feeling like a pro after looking at that site :) Thanks SZev for posting. Always good to be reminded of good design.
SZev Premium
Sure thing Anina!