Upgraded to yearly

Last Update: July 25, 2017

I made the choice to upgrade to yearly today. It made sense for two reasons. I save a lot of money over the next year on a product that I have no intentions of cancelling anyway and it ensures I get at least a year of not having to worry about paying that monthly fee.

By the time a year goes past, I'm sure I will have a steady online income and paying the fee won't be an issue but for now, it is, and it feels good knowing I can work my business worry free for 12 months.

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AishaLabefo Premium
Its great to have a goal...this is a nice one to have.
Sierra8 Premium
Cool! I want to go to yearly as well but my funds are not setup like that yet. But congrats to you!!
sybull Premium
I know what you mean. I couldn't afford it at first either, but my dad decided to give me one of his winning lottery tickets, which was worth $250 so I added the other $110 and made it happen. Thanks, Pops. lol
AI1 Premium
Great! Like that!
@RICH. Premium
Congrats. on going yearly, here's wishing you every success! :)