WOW, 26 Amazon sales today!

Last Update: February 26, 2020

I am so excited! I have had 26 sales today on Amazon! This is certainly a new record for me. I have set a new monthly sales record as well. I don't know where I will end up this month but I know I have surpassed my previous high dollar amount for a month ($64.45). I am up to $84 today! I will not be surprised if I reach my first $100 month for Amazon sales! Once the rest of these items ship I will be at about $90.

All of these sales are from my human health site so most have only a 4.5% commission whereas my pet site items usually fall in the 8% commission bracket.

This is very excitng for a small site. This is my second site and it does not have nearly as much content as my first site. My timing getting into the coronavirus field last month has certainly paid off however. Most of my traffic today has something to do with coronavirus though I have a bit of traffic on other topics as well. I only have one post about coronavirus so far but that post had over 200 views today. My other posts get a trickle of traffic which is nice since I was getting sales from them even before all the coronavirus stuff.

If you follow the WA training you will be well positioned for success in a limitless number of niches!


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AmazeCPS Premium
Amazing, Happy to hear about it. Wish you all the best. Still, I haven't an Amazon affiliate account, first, one is discontinued by the site, because, low site clicks. But, now again I will try to get. If you have the experience, please write a post that will help us.
Swangirl Premium
Make sure you follow all the training here so that people can find your site. Use great keywords (not just ok keywords). Make sure they have low competition but lots of people searching for them.

Make sure your posts offer a solution to a problem and are informative.

Thank you.
BFlanagan8 Premium
I'm here on day 5 and the first few days were scary. 🥺 Information overload! 😖 I was confused and down, but not out, I stuck with it and all of a sudden it hit me, it all clicked and 30 seconds later I came across your post. 🤯 Wow, exactly what I'm thinking. I plan on being well on my way in no time. I have a few more bugs to work out and it's off to the races. Your post has just verified that I'm going in the right direction so thank you for increasing my motivation even further! 🤑👍
AlrickB1982 Premium
Go Jessica go. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for you. You must have been smiling from ear to ear. Many more sales to come and you just may do a scream and run through the house when you hit the double digit k's...10k, 15k, 20k Okay lol. Thanks for the inspiration as someone who is a novice willing to learn from everyone......
BriBar Premium
This is so inspiring to me! It's good to see the success I'm building towards is happening for others, all I have to do is work hard every day and it will happen for me as well. Congratulations on your successes Swangirl. I'm sure it's only the beginning for you!
Swangirl Premium
Thank you. Yes, if you keep at it you will be successful!
LLettau1 Premium
Nice going!
Swangirl Premium
Thank you!