Your Positive Thoughts for the Day

Last Update: November 09, 2016

After a long busy day do you find it encouraging to wind down with positive thoughts for the day? What we think about greatly influences our productivity.

While most of us could agree on that, did you realize that it can have a great impact on how you approach every aspect of your day?

In my search tonight, I found quotes from a coach, who, within his career, just had to influence many with his expressions. Okay, I'm really not a big sports person, though I do love football.

Yet, I’m thinking, his outlook certainly must have influenced his productivity.

He helped to win 10 NCAA National Basketball Championships within a 12 year period. This included 7 in a row, unprecedented, and impressive. So, yes, the positive expressions he shared obviously did influence the energy, productivity, and success of others.

How I wondered did he feel about completing his day with a positive thought?

Perhaps, unless we knew him personally, we will never know. But Mr. John Wooden, who passed away in his 99th year, is remembered for being a wise coach. He was know for saying that "In the end, it was all about the teaching."

So maybe that is a good example to follow.

Among the many expressions I discovered was this one:

“Be true to yourself. Help others. Make each day your masterpiece. Make friendship a fine art. Drink deeply from good books. Build a shelter against a rainy day. Give thanks for your blessings and ask for guidance every day.”

- John Wooden.

Here at WA, we are all "building that shelter against a rainy day" in some manner. The WA community is built on the generosity of helping others.

Throughout our daily routines, we have many opportunities to follow any part of that encouraging advice.

If you agree, can you share your thoughts in the comments below?


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MPollock Premium
Nice post, thanks
SuzQ Premium
"Positiveness" is something that is great for us all to have ;)
Toshmack Premium
Well done, a great post.
Thanks for sharing.
Being positive is vital to succeed.
Cheers, Tosh :)
SuzQ Premium
Thanks Tosh!
Ultimateless Premium
Absolutely, also following through with positive actions so you can stay with those thoughts too Suz.
MKearns Premium
Ending the day positive encourages a good night's rest and boosts the positivity of the next day Suz!
SuzQ Premium
So Agree Michael! we all have so much baggage we need to let it go so we can refresh. Thxs!
Ndstad81 Premium
It's a good motto to live your life by.
SuzQ Premium
Hi Nathan, Thanks for sharing your thought. And glad to hear from you.