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Today I received an invitation to check out a site I'd not heard of, Product Hunt. One of my favorite image resources, Pixabay, has been recently featured. Have you heard of this site to check out products you use every day? Do you like to hunt down new products? If you are a geek for new stuff, figuring it all out for a new online business, or are enthusiastic to check out the latest, then this sounds like an interesting site. What You Will FindIt sounds like it would be a great resource. Esp
After a long busy day do you find it encouraging to wind down with positive thoughts for the day? What we think about greatly influences our productivity. While most of us could agree on that, did you realize that it can have a great impact on how you approach every aspect of your day? In my search tonight, I found quotes from a coach, who, within his career, just had to influence many with his expressions. Okay, I'm really not a big sports person, though I do love football.Yet, I’m think
Does your emergency preparedness checklist include your business? What if you faced evacuation from your home, or your community where your business is located? As of Tuesday, May 3, 2016, the largest fire evacuation in Alberta, Canada history is taking place with wildfires engulfing the city of Fort McMurray and surrounding areas. All neighborhoods, 70,000 are being evacuated as of earlier this evening.Many will be displaced from this situation. All are facing emergency plans in action and rec
Going into this new year a few of us made resolutions. Now a few days into it what does a new year mean to you? Is it a fresh start? Is it a chance to commit to a new goal within your entrepreneur journey? While checking a few stats I discovered that about 45% of us make New Year’s Resolutions. This reflects that less than half of us make this self-promise to accomplish what we believe to be a really fantastic heart-felt goal. Unfortunately, only about 8% actually succeed. Great decisions
Just upgrade to the Premium membership, even before completing the Getting Started Phase. It's helpful to watch videos multiple times and then be able to follow that up with supportive reading and discussion. Throughout my exploration it has been reassuring to read comments which express both my trepidation and my excitement! And as much as anything (earnings, of course) the various intangible successes are really things I am looking forward to. Those will make this journey awesome and will onl