What Does a New Year Mean to You?

Last Update: January 03, 2016

Going into this new year a few of us made resolutions. Now a few days into it what does a new year mean to you? Is it a fresh start? Is it a chance to commit to a new goal within your entrepreneur journey?

While checking a few stats I discovered that about 45% of us make New Year’s Resolutions. This reflects that less than half of us make this self-promise to accomplish what we believe to be a really fantastic heart-felt goal. Unfortunately, only about 8% actually succeed.

Great decisions and successful accomplishments are most often not built upon a somewhat shaky promise we make in the eleventh hour.

On the other hand, a new year is a benchmark for reconsideration of how you will set and achieve realistic and attainable future goals.

Take a Step Forward, Keep it Real

We all need to take a moment for reevaluation. Why? One reason is because we can get off track in the midst of our complex routines. Maybe what you planned to achieve didn’t get accomplished within the time you estimated. Most likely, you need to decide on new steps to take.

A new year is a time to take charge of our choices. So how do you keep it real?

In taking a step forward you need perspective from what is behind you.

Recall what the driving force was that motivated you to strike out for your entrepreneur journey? Of course you want to improve upon that. After all, you've had personal and professional growth. All business plans need progressive goals and deadlines mapped out. Achieving a realistic goal is much better than reaching out for success of the unrealistic ones.

In considering that which is behind you, think about this next question… What can you do today that you could not do one year ago?

That was a goal you took hold of, wrote a plan for, determined a strategy, and took ownership of so you would be assured results. Your goal most likely became obtainable with some hard work. And yes, sometimes a lot of hard work!

When you recognize your accomplishments through the process then you will see a remarkable difference going forward when you pursue the fulfillment of your plans and goals.

There is the point going forward where we have to learn to trust ourselves and our intentions. Begin to ENJOY your goals…trust that someone, somewhere needs exactly what you are offering.

Be willing to take a step forward. Keep it real. Start right where you are now. Be empowered with progress until it becomes success!

Motivation and Inspiration at Our Fingertips

All of us here at Wealthy Affiliate have a brilliant community of others who help provide motivation. Not only can we learn professional and technical expertise, but we can gain insight that empowers our own abilities. Each of us really have motivation and inspiration at our fingertips!

So now get busy, assess your journey. A new year is a fresh opportunity to shift from whatever mode you have been into one that is working from a sense of future possibilities.

Do you have thoughts on what THIS YEAR means to you? Have you set an exciting new goal for this year?

If so, would you share it with us all here within the Wealthy Affiliate community? Please use the comment thread below. You will be a great inspiration!

To a successful year moving forward,


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halinphilly Premium
Thanks for this nice blog, SuzQ....
My resolution was and still is to build an online business. I made up my mind to get involved with the community here, go through the lessons and not skip anything. While I build out my site, i hope to help and/or inspire a few people on the way to wherever this road leads.
SuzQ Premium
I like your thought on our influencing others. When even in some small way we can influence others in a positive way it makes our own struggle just 'so worth it'. Great goals!
JudeP Premium
Great post, thank you :)
AriefWibowo Premium
I do have the support I need to achieve my goals now!
SuzQ Premium
Thanks! Motivation and support do help us to have vision for goals that reach beyond our current circumstances.