I Should Have Listened To The Savant Ones!

Last Update: August 22, 2017

I can not count the times I heard, "concentrate on one website" when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate. Having no knowledge what so ever, I should have listened to the savant ones!

I Am Not A Know It All By All Means

I like to think I am not a know it all but that is not apparent to me at this moment. I really could just kick myself in the behind.

I knew from the beginning that I had absolutely no clue about how to build a profitable website let alone two, three, or four! What ever was I thinking?

Have you found yourself overwhelmed with the responsibility of maintain multiple websites?

My First Website

I began where every new member begins upon joining Wealthy Affiliate, With the Getting Started Course, of course. My fist niche (passion) was not hard to figure out. I love cats! My cat site was doing well, I was getting sales as an affiliate to a great products. It wasn't enough to retire on but it was commissions just the same.

My Second Website

I must have gotten cocky or overly confident to say the least, to think I could manage yet another website. I decided I knew enough to start a website promoting Wealth Affiliate. Hey why not? I could teach and share with others what I was learning from this awesome learning platform and make more money as an affiliate.

I thought this was a great idea until I began to neglect my first website.

My Third Website

I really must be a glutton for punishment, or maybe deep down I really do enjoy feeling disappointed and frustrated.

You see, I wasn't happy with the second website. I remember getting feedback from another member stating that the name of the site left a lot to be desired.

So what do I do? I go and purchase another domain and start a new website promoting what? You guessed it Wealthy Affiliate, along with other income opportunities that I came across along the way.

I Should Have Listened To The Savant Ones!

Now I am totally overwhelmed! Please, If you are a new member just learning how to build websites, stick with just one until you have that mastered. Don't make the same mistake I did. Being overwhelmed is frustrating and is not the way to find success in this industry. It is best to know and listen to the many people here who display a high level of knowledge and skill.

Uncertain About Redirects & Moving A Website

Are you familiar with the term redirects? I wasn't until recently when I decided to lighten my load. I have spent days now learning all I could about redirecting content that I spent over two years to create on website #2 to website #3. And yet, I am still very uncertain with many unanswered questions:

  1. Should I move (from within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform) website #2 to website #3?
  • What would I do with the posts and pages that I don't want to keep? Delete them before I move the site?
  • Is there anything I would have to do with the deleted content?
  • What should I do, if anything, about all the content I shared on social media. For example the Pinterest Pins that says, "saved from website #2?

2. Should I use a redirect plugin ( I am too nervous to mess with any code) to redirect just the posts and pages from website #2 to website #3?

  • What plugin is the best plugin to use?
  • It would make sense that I would have to keep website #2 up and running, correct?
  • Would paying to keep website #2 running be worth it?

3. What would make Google and the other search engines happier?

Can You Lend A Helping Hand?

At this moment, nothing would make me happier to hear what you have to say. Have you encountered this problem? How did you resolve it?

If you have any answers or opinions, please do share. You could be helping more than just little ol' me.

Update as of 8/22/2017 @ 10:30pm EST

Oh boy, I am no longer frustrated, I am anxious and a bit nervous. I finally contacted SiteSupport and within minutes they redirected the whole site #2 to site #3. But as you guest it, I still have so many questions.

And my husband wonders where my son gets his inquisitiveness.

What to do next?

Update as of 8/23/2017 1:23 am EST

Three hours later, I am back to square one. Site Support was unable to redirect the website I wanted redirected. Tomorrow, or should I say later today, is another day!

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NFoti Premium
You saved me from making a bad decision of doing two sites simultaneously...one a niche site, one promoting WA. I am currently on Phase 2 of Affiliate Bootcamp but I think I'll put that on hold for now. I don't want to start promoting WA until I've got more experience. Jay had some training on Amazon Affiliate marketing that I think might be a better fit for me (especially since I am an avid Amazon shopper). So, I'll switch back to the Certification courses, start writing some blogs here and work on building an Amazon Affiliate website.

Thanks for sharing...your story helped me make a decision and I feel a new sense of purpose in what I have chosen.
SuzetteH Premium
Oh Nancy that is so awesome to hear. I am very pleased that I could be of help. Best of luck to you my friend. I think you have made a wise choice.
PBitzer Premium
Knowing you need help is half the problem. solved.Next, find the helpers you need to get you to the point where you feel you have things organized and under control . You've done so much work to let any of it be deleted, recyclebut don't delete!
RandyL1 Premium
More than one site is overwhelming!

GaryJr Premium
Sticking with one site is really good advice.

I would ask MarionBlack or check out some of her training.

Hope you find your answers.
VicLees Premium
Yes--she really is awesome
SuzetteH Premium
Marion is the best! She has helped me many times as many of the other members have in the past. Just one of the awesome benefits of being a premium member here at Wealthy Affiliate. The wealth of knowledge within the community blows my mind.
VicLees Premium
I made the mistake of starting two websites at the same time-----sure makes for a lot of work!
SuzetteH Premium
Too much for me Vic. Has really done nothing for me as far as advancement, in fact, it has held me back. Now I have to spend time trying to fix it before I can move forward.
VicLees Premium
I sure understand that---the more I learn--the more I have to go back and fix---even keeping up with posts can be draining