Lost and Found

Last Update: April 13, 2017

During my last few years of work, I agonized over the idea of retiring. I loved my job and could not imagine life without it.

I thrived on the challenge of solving problems, helping people, working with a team and constantly striving for improvement.

I entered retirement knowing that I was leaving something I loved and entering a new phase of life that did not have a clearly laid out road plan.

I looked, in all the wrong places, for something to do in retirement that would give me some of what I enjoyed during my working days.

Yes, I travelled and I had free time and I could design my days the way I wanted to, but I still had a desire to be productive.

I was not ready to retire my brain!

Since I enjoyed working with my computer and I had no regard for the time of day when I was passionate about something, I decided that starting an on-line business might intrigue me. I thought I could work on it whenever I felt like it and for as long as I wanted.

Given that I did not know anything about starting or running an on-line business, I thought that would help satiate my desire for a challenge.

I decided to check out on-line business opportunities. I found several and got involved with two. I found them through a magazine article which listed "Ten Great Places To Conduct On-Line Businesses".

Being incredibly naive and gullible, I dove in and tried to create a web page with those two companies. A year later and $15,000.00 less in my bank account, I thought there must be an easier and less expensive way to do this. I truly was not having fun. HTML coding was not something I enjoyed.

I decided to check out scammers on the internet because I believed I was being scammed. Yes, I was supporting and financing two of the best scam programs on the internet. I felt sick.

I found Wealthy Affiliate while searching for scammers.

When I first joined WA, I was in disbelief. I could not imagine that Wealthy Affiliate was really offering so much for so little money. The next thing I was surprised about was the amazing support and well designed instructional modules WA provided.

I thought for sure there would be a huge jump in price to keep getting all this training and hand holding, but no there wasn't! AMAZING!

Needles to say, I was thrilled. I could now start my adventure in a safe place.

What I did find at WA was what I was missing since I retired.

I found the team work, the problem solving, the self improvement and the helping people opportunities that I was missing.

At WA I know I can keep my brain from retiring!

I am in my happy place with WA.

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LindaF Premium
Just checking in to see how you are doing Susan. YA since the last time I was thinking of giving up and you helped me out. A, OK, since then have been moving a lot more slower, but still coving a lot of field.
sending blessings your way
always a better way
susanmacneil Premium
I am spending time on the social side of WA. I need to get down to business again with the lessons and with my website!
I am thrilled to see that you are doing well. That is fabulous.
I replied to your message about fixing some grammatical errors, but I don't see my reply! I don't know where it went???
I wish you blessing and much success.
Good to hear from you! :)
LindaF Premium
You did, and I worked on them got the program Grammary, thanks.
always a better way(o:)
wyeming52 Premium
...hello Susan, I retired 2 years ago, a complete newbie to internet marketing and I am enjoying every minute with WA. Welcome onboard..
susanmacneil Premium
Thank you, so much. I am still a newbie too, but ever so happy to be here.
MKearns Premium
I'm sorry about your layout Susan. I had a brief suckering in by a group called Empowr but fortunately an enterprising WA affiliate caught me on a redirect, I joined and haven't looked back.
susanmacneil Premium
Thank you for reading my lengthy, image-deprived blog.
It is embarrassing admitting how foolish I was. Obviously, I needed to learn that lesson the hard way. The silver lining was it lead me to WA. I am grateful for that!
paulgoodwin Premium
The best place to be !!!!