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Last Update: April 30, 2018

Hello everyone,

So today I am trying to get some people to give me feed back on my website which is I am having trouble being seen & don,t know If I am being ranked still not quite sure how that works!!.I have joined a couple of companies that have links to companies that do affliate marketing . That in its self was time consuming and Bank details extra not sure how long it takes for them to be in contact also I used my email that is on here. Not sure if I should use my gmail account for the emails. So any way Maybe someone can help me. I will send a message to the community as I am feeling overwelmed today!

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HennieSteyl Premium
Hi, Susan. A few remarks:
1. There is not a lot of content on your site. To become an authority in your niche, you need a lot more content. At least 3 posts a week - 1000 words and more.
2. I don't see any links what so ever - internal, external or affiliate. 3. No images - you should consider images in your posts. 4. Consider using domain specific email addresses -, admin@..... Later on, you can use email marketing software like AWeber or GetResponse. 5. You should ask for site and post comments.
6. Audit your website to find out what is indexed. Hope this helps.