A little bit of Polish to anything will make your life shine.

Last Update: July 31, 2017

Today while fixing my eBay.com Store, as I waiting for an Item to be purchased. I took the time while checking in to that site to really take a moment or two hours to really stay and learn. Polish my eBay site a bit since I am always learning how to improve my site.

Finding New Items to sell is not the only way to make a good impression with your online Business. Sometimes you need to give good engaging content to what short posts that eBay gives you to really sell your product.

This takes a Love for the Product of your niche, and not worry about the money. That will come later on, but polishing your abilities on your Online Store Front any way you can that is provided FREE OF CHARGE is a needed BLESSING for us Poor SSI People.

Sometimes having a Helping Hand when we get those Free Online Store Fronts is Truly A Helping Hand up. So Never look a gift Horse in the mouth with a Scorn. You never know if that Nag will tell You something useful that gets you out of Trouble some time in the Future.

Right Now I am trying to teach this to my Daughter over In Africa, She is trying to get into School, but doesn't have the money nor do I at the present time till I start getting a decent monthly income. That will take time, and a lot of effort from me right now.

But always Keep Polishing what you think you know, and repolish what you already have, and get faster, earlier, and better at what you do so you are always on top of things. Laziness doesn't have any place in the Business World.

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jetrbby80316 Premium
This is a great lesson Susan. Continually honing your craft is something you can do anytime, and it will make your e-commerce sites more profitable.

And this is especially useful when you have writer's block, as well as during downtime as we wisely state.
Pepeiata Premium
You are right. Keep what you have and updated several times worthier than too many niches and websites
MKearns Premium
Enhancing your knowledge skills and abilities is a terrific use of your time!