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When thinking back on this last 6 months that I have been with Wealthy Affiliate. I realize more and more. That along with all the learning, and applying. It always takes Time and Patience to build an Online Business of our Own. Sometimes we get new Ideas to how we can make our Website Better for our customers to be properly engaged, and that takes us away from our weekly or monthly posts, but in the end it all works out in the end. For what our customers who read out posts gain each week, or m
Today while fixing my Store, as I waiting for an Item to be purchased. I took the time while checking in to that site to really take a moment or two hours to really stay and learn. Polish my eBay site a bit since I am always learning how to improve my site. Finding New Items to sell is not the only way to make a good impression with your online Business. Sometimes you need to give good engaging content to what short posts that eBay gives you to really sell your product. This takes a Lo
Have You set your Daily Goals out in Your Gratitude Journal? I have, and many of them. I also check them off as I have gotten them taken care of. Are You also using The Law of Attraction with paper Posts on your Laptop on top of the screen taped to it. I have That " I'm receiving 400 Purchases a day. I am bold, Courageous, Honest in Actions I take today and every day. I'm making $40,000,000. a Year in my Paranormal Business." Plus I posted this same message on my Refrigerator and Microwave Oven
First off I love to write about the niche that I am trying to help people who are out there trying to find solutions to their Paranormal Problems of a Newly purchased Home or Mansion that the Realtor didn't tell them that their New Fixer upper was really abandoned because it Haunted.Though when I am trying to write within Word Press here on WA. I have got some issues with the many different types of limitations that I am finding on WP. For one the Full word Press is not installed that helps me
I can remember back in the Day when most people would go to the Classifieds to find an ad for a product or a Service in which they were looking for that Businesses Help. What ever happened to those days? Well they are hear again my friend. You can go to and pay a person to send to 5,000 Classifieds Your add with your link on it and have it sent out each week to another 5,000. Classifieds of your Business. This is what I am planning on doing again in the near future with my fini
I can remember a time when I used to just walk away from a problem till I learned about the 12 facets of Gods Law [ Integrity, Persistence, Endurance, Self-Control, Mercy, Joy, Peace, Faith, Goodness, Kindness, Patience, and Charity.] Each one of these Godly Personality traits of His gave me the courage to rethink about my Spirituality starting again with my inner source. Here I reconstructed based upon the Noun definition that Jehovah God [No matter what You call him] gave back to me in a dee
When I think of Epyphaney's I also think back on the many so called strange dreams that I have had to wake up from that gave me an Idea I didn't write down, ad later I found it was given to me for a good reason. Then I regretted it, because I later got the notice within some future time of seeing, hearing, or noticing that point that was brought up and became an important issue for many people. So now I have by my bed a pad, pen, and a small lamp that I turn on put on my glasses, then wr
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After waking up this morning with an Epyphaney to write down " sell my Knowledge for money online on my hand [ and I know that it is unsafe for to write on ones hand small krib notes, because pen ink has a tiny amount of liquid lead in the base for thickness agent in the ink] so I wouldn't forget it till I transfered the information onto paper when I was fully awake.Though when I did transfer it down and cleaned my hand later. What I found out was that as www.techstars,com/content/entrepreneur-
May 09, 2017
While I am waiting for my one useless Google suite domain to be canceled out so I can make one here at WA. I decided to take the time to really look deeper at my niche which is very contraversal to many ways. When I look back at the past year of doing research for the type of products to be an Affiliate with that deals with the Paranormal. I finally had to come to grips that what I am able to do go beyond the realm of what is already DIY kit making for the clients that I did some serious resear
Being a Psychic, and Distances Claravoyant, of which are just two of Hundreds of abilities that I own inside that I do not disclose, Teach, or share with the public, but that help me to form, and govern my world to getting what I need to helping others. When Donald trump signed on to take over as the person who would find his way to solving our Nations problems of Financial, and Work related Problems. This startled me to the core of my being. To the point that I started last year to find other