Creating The Laptop Lifestyle.

Last Update: July 13, 2015

I knew this was the kind of lifestyle I always wanted however, had no idea how to achieve it. I had tried a few MLM’s and have much admiration for those that are successful in those businesses but, that’s not me. I just couldn’t bother my friends and I didn’t want to host parties and if someone did sign up I felt guilty if they failed…this was not for me! After years of wading through one online scam after another I finally found my golden ticket.

Wealthy Affiliate!!!!!! I finally found a way to build a legitimate business online...yippee!!! I know its going to take a lot of effort but, nothing worthwhile is ever easy. I am no computer whiz but, what I do have is determination. I had reached what you could say my rock bottom. The status quo was no longer acceptable and I am willing to do whatever it takes to change my life and live the life I had always dreamed of. I knew thousands of others had achieved this so why not me?…. and then I realized WHY NOT ME? Well, here I go on my journey.... I have a feeling its going to be one wild ride and I am so glad I have the Wealthy Affiliate Community on the ride with me!

Laptop Lifestyle - An extraordinary lifestyle allowing one the freedom to work from home or anywhere they may choose and make money without every getting out of their pajamas! :)

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jaydeb08 Premium
welcome to WA Judy your flying along in training, Hope its all successful or you, I to am a laptop warrior, My eldest daughter is in Las Vegas on holidays in Sept Hope she don't get lost there as single women in Party ...she's staying at the Flamingo? and as an Aussie she will attract attention I;m Sure...cheers John
Kf12 Premium
Welcome to WA.
Laurie1 Premium
I can totally relate to what your saying and it seems like we have a community here who are determined to succeed and are here to support each other. Good Luck!!!
sunnyj823 Premium
Thanks you too.