Hi.Again :)

Last Update: September 02, 2018

Hi everyone,

I'd just like to say - I do believe that if you follow this program, you can be successful in
the world of internet marketing. That's why I can't seem to abandon it,
even though I have been so very occupied with raising my children and
taking care of the family. But they've grown and it's time to move
forward with what I see as extremely promising in so many ways. So I've
replaced their pictures with mine as part of the "official move" toward
meeting some of those goals that got lost because "things got in the
way". And so I can take responsibility and not hide away :)

I wanted to do just 15 minutes a day from the day I joined - but that
has slipped by for well over a year now - how many minutes does 15/day
in a year add up to? I'll have to figure that out! Because I do believe
have some time to make up for!

Anyway, I listened to Jay's Canva tutorial and the one-hour or so first
video that Kyle recommended. I know this sounds crazy but that's a huge

I hope you don't mind if I post my progress regularly. I figure that's
the best way to keep me accountable (or I'll probably find something
that needs cleaning instead)!

Succeed or fail - many of you have been so very supportive. And I really appreciate that. Thank you all, so much.


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jennyjewel Premium
Hi Suehila, it's true for many, life can get in our way sometimes. Persistence is the key, if you can afford a little time each day and move in a forward direction, eventually success will follow.
I look forward to your progress posts.
Suehila Premium
Thank you, I do think I need to take advantage of the support and hold myself accountable. I'll be logging in my time spent daily and hopefully it will develop into a habit that leads to progress. Than you for your support Jenny!
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Suehila- Every little step will move you closer to your goals and I wish you continued enjoyment on your journey
Suehila Premium
Thank you, Vicki - how are things going for you these days?
Hope you are well!

Vickic3 Premium
Really well thank you
Good to see you back here in WA and I hope you go back to the training and keep learning all the skills to become successful online