Organized mess it had to stop!

Last Update: December 07, 2013

I had started to get so much saved material that I was losing track of my business. So the organized mess had to stop! I took a few days off to start organizing my computer files and folders, going through everything. Getting rid of junk and stuff like "why did I save this" and "where did this come from" files. I made new folders being specific on the title as to it's content. I went to my email doing the same thing, (rename, delete, reorganize) knowing exactly what you have in your files and folders will help later on.

Then went back over my trash bin and reviewed what I had thrown out to make sure there was nothing I needed or was important. Then emptied the trash bin, the same with email trash plus spam. Once this was all done I tackle the computer it self. I need to defragment, clean the disk, then run a full deep scan. I have my computer taken to a professional to really get in there and clean it every two yrs. I am about due soon. They also let me know if I have any issues with it (they are a great team). I tell you this because once I sign on as a member of WA, learning all about internet marketing I felt like if I don't treat this like a business and get organized like a business that I would fail. So I got myself prepared for the best to come in my business.

Once your equipment is ready it's time for the good stuff. You are here at WA, but ask your self are you organized? Do you have folders for all your affiliate networks Amazon, Ebay, ect. Then within those folders, are your affiliate programs files in order? Do you know exactly where each hoplink is used and how much it is making. It is best to know where you use the hoplinks and if they are making you money, in some cases you may have to adjust your products so you get the most out of your work.

I put everything in a spread sheet, labeling each tab as my network such as Amazon, Clickbank, Commission junction, Ebay, LinkShare. I put down user names, passwords, and account info. so I knew who I was dealing with. I put down the commission %, what program (by Name of site) I was using and the hoplink. This way I can keep track of the programs and have all the info I need at my finger tips. Once you have yourself organized in your social world it will make things easier to deal with in the real world. Always make a copy of all the info. you have as a just in case action to what ever comes along. Like I said before make yourself prepared for the best and all will fall easily into place.

Well I hope this helps out the community here at WA.

May I be the first to wish you and all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Later Cats

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parkwriter Premium
So timely, especially with the new year coming up (and something I need to do desperately).
Blondie2 Premium
Really great content on getting and staying things can get soooo confusing if you don't. Thanks for the reminder.
crp2511 Premium
Getting organized is a challenge for me, but I am working on it. Very aware that things can run away and turn into chaos very easily, thanks for the tips.
theholygrail Premium
thank you for the information. I am naturally organized but sometimes overly so. Have you tried Microsoft office One Note.
success2010 Premium
I am looking into that as we talk(so to speak) Thanks for the advice.
mackiejw Premium
I am doing this right now, but thanks for posting this important reminder.