Sharing Equals Caring

Last Update: March 13, 2017

I have just recently re-joined WA after a small hiatus. I originally joined back in June 2016 and really loved it then, but I lost focus and ended up quitting. When I rejoined I was really upset with myself for one main reason... I SHOULD NEVER HAVE LEFT IN THE FIRST PLACE! This community is the BEST platform I have ever come across and it has helped me in so many ways. I am constantly learning something new here and the whole sharing = caring idea at WA is truly amazing!

Now lets all continue with the whole sharing=caring theme.

I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

Well sort of...

Here is my google+ account

Please feel free to follow me.

I will reciprocate the favour

To your future,


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KammyBurnett Premium
I'm glad you came back. I've never seen your niche before. I think it's awesome. I just started here and currently building my website. Great job. Keep it up.
gerardG1 Premium
steve followed you see you are into metal detecting never done that but many moons ago used to dig victorian dumps find allsorts bottles found dolls head loved that head but wife binned it said it freaked her out lol never understood me but love her to bits cant all be same lol
Found a victorian toothbrush blew me away the work involved making toothbrush out of bone frightening Wife thought i was just bieng looney Only thing interesting to her is soap opera,s suppose if we was both the same we would not have had 31 happy years married lol
Any way all the best with it
OTolo Premium
Glad that you came back, my mother usually says never feel bad for something you did wrong and never regret it, just learn about it and move on. All the best.
OTolo Premium
I'm following you and please follow me back thanks
spurway Premium
great , sometimes we need a second start
stepgreen29 Premium
Hello, I am following you on google plus and I made sure to +1 of your articles can you return the favor?
Here is my google plus account
Stevo73 Premium
I have done the same!
Thank you
stepgreen29 Premium
Thank you too!