Getting up there on the Success-O-Meter

Last Update: September 17, 2017

So I just searched for one of my favorite keyword phrases on Google, and alas, of the five images they stuck up there below a few websites were THREE OF MY website images! Not to be one to jump up and down too early, I kept looking and at the TOP of the second page, the second WEBSITE was... you guessed it! MINE! And of course it's the Wealthy Affiliate review! So THANK YOU all who have given me a little advice here and there! I'm at the 2 month mark and this has already been one heck of a ride! I'm hooked! A couple of things I've attributed this to, is paying attention to a few keyword phrases, but not more than 5 max in my content. I also inserted 3-5 keywords in the tag section and used ones that were 100 or less on the QSR ranking. Hope this helps other people, and best of success to you, my newfound friends!


Update 9/17, my Wealthy Affiliate Review is officially on Page One of Google Search, out of 900,000 plus results.

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MelaniLukito Premium
Wow, great job. Wish you get your referrals soon Steve, lol.
DebbieRose Premium
Very impressive. Congratulations.
kohmc88 Premium
Great job! Way to go!
MKearns Premium
Keep on with the success navigation Steve!
AlexEvans Premium
That is getting on the success ladder Steve you will be feeling really positive about the journey and bt=y the loos you are making really good progress.