Finished Stage 2 of the Training!

Last Update: May 15, 2017

So that's me completed the second course of the training!

It's taken me approximately 6 weeks to get this far and I am loving every second of it. I love how clear and coherent everything is and how well set up it is for internet marketing beginners like myself.

The toughest part for me has been getting familiar with wordpress and getting my posts to be even and not distorted by the addition of images and other material.

Overall loving it so far and can't wait to get started on the third course!

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5-qpq Premium
Again, way to go! Ahem, thats the keyword right there, no pun intended, "is to enjoy what you do!" When you enjoy what you are doing and clearly you are, than it is no longer work. Sweet!

Emeolu Premium
You are on the right track.
loriC1 Premium
Your doing great Stevie.
steviec92 Premium
MKearns Premium
Moving right along Stevie!
wenewsome49 Premium
Same here my friend. Tonight I finished course 2 and will start 3 tomorrow. Unfortunately it took longer for me to get here but I will be picking up the pace. Best Of luck to you
steviec92 Premium