Getting Closer Every Day!

Last Update: March 07, 2018

As I sit at my desk and diligently work my WA lesson plans I realize that it is true. Anyone can do this. If you schedule the time and set step by step daily goals you will be there in no time!

We all can make up excuses but in the end all they do is limit our potential. Doing jst one task per day is all it takes.

Don't ever get discouraged. The WA family is always available for support.

I am close to completing level 4 training!

I want to complete all levels before moving on to the Affiliate Bootcamp. Is that a good plan or should I work both simultaneously?

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DebbieRose Premium
Everyone is different...I think one at time makes more sense. Get one site working and then move on but it all depends on the time you can devote. Sounds like you're doing great!
TTedesco1 Premium
Well I know some members who try both or also just go straight to Affiliate Bootcamp. That is a personal choice.

For me I take it step by step....One Step at a time...
HowardJaros Premium
I guess it depends on you. I could not focus on the tasks and develop two sites at the same time and do a good job. Just my two cents.
skendrick4 Premium
Some people do both at the same time. Each takes time out of your day since each has requirements. I worked on both for a while. I did not start them at the same time. Now, I am finished with certification and continuing in the Boot camp. I hope this is helpful.