I have a plugin listed as "must-use", anyone know why?

Last Update: November 20, 2017

When checking for updates I have noticed in the summary line listing plugins as active or not that a new category has just arrived, it is: "must-use" and in is listed a plugin - WP REST API - OAuth 1.0a Server - Authenticate with your site via OAuth 1.0a

Have never seen this before, and when I view the explanation by the REST team I find that it is a plugin to query html - I assume this is for coding purposes, either way it is something I have never used nor do I want to at this stage.

Any ideas please?

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Alan Hocking Premium
Hi Steve

It's a plugin that gets added when you use the Site Content writing platform and publish from the Site Content platform to your website.

It's only appeared since they added the images feature so I imagine it has something to do with that.

You can just leave it there it's not a security problem
SteveCrozza Premium
Thank you, coincides with me just starting to use the images feature. Good to know, I just couldn't tie it in with anything.