Skills learned at WA translated into freelance work?

Last Update: March 18, 2015

Hello All,

As I am proceeding here at WA, I am truly blown away by the amount of substantive information that I am learning. I was just thinking about how this very valuable information can be used for more than just my own internet marketing endeavors.

With that, i would like to ask if anyone has been able to use what they have learned here at WA to do freelance work in SEO, WordPress, etc?

I am anxious to hear the feedback.

As always, Wishing you MASSIVE success!



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lizahodgson Premium
Most people who offer SEO management are self taught - through trying to support their own website. In my family business we had a guy some in and offer his services. He wanted 400 pounds a month to beaver away. We decided not to go with it as we were closing the business down but 10 clients like that and way heyyyyy!.......
KatieMac Premium
I say just go for it there are many members who have used all the learned here and have marketed their skill best of luck to you
TJamil Premium
Never came across meeting someone who operates in doing SEO, WordPress as the main niche but that seems a good idea.