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Wow, it's beeen 3.5 years at Wealthy Affiliate - doesn't the time fly?If you have been with WA for any length of time, you must realise the importance of following the training to a that you can get results.For example, I discovered from Yoast SEO that I had 44 posts with unfocused keywords..That means I had chosen the keyword phrases as questions or statements that I thought might be interesting for people to read.What I should have done is find out the phrases that people are searching
Hi everyone, I have just been implementing ParthaB's latest post ideas. I've got stuck. Basically, I don't have any photos in my Pictures folder on my laptop. However, I have plenty in my website's Media Library.My question is, is it possible to copy a picture from my Media Library to put into my Pictures folder?I think it's possible, but don't know how to do this.Kindly advise.Thanks!
May 02, 2022
Well, I'm not sure if anyone has had a glimpse of ParthaB's WA posts lately.His latest post was about Quora and how to search for keyword topics and also get traffic to your site from it.I read the whole post - Can Your Massive Traffic...And was surprised to find that I had forgotten to mention my website link in my profile. So I copied Partha's method and wrote a 700 word answer to someone who had itchy skin on a very sensitive part of their body.It's had 36 views already.What Am I Really G
April 30, 2022
I must confess to writing and typing posts on my site without using a spell check or tool like Grammarly to make sure my writing is acceptable.Reason being I thought my writing was good enough. However, I read Cassi of Troy's WA blog post recently...She mentioned using Grammarly from the start and how it has helped her write exceptional posts.So I quickly followed suit and signed up to the free version of Grammarly. And was pleasantly surprised to see indication of where my posts were headed.
April 22, 2022
I've realised that most of the images on my site are too large. I have bulk optimized them to 300 x 300. In the media library.However, when I went to the posts where the pictures are, they are still in the original large size. My question is, how do I transfer the re-sized images to the posts? Do I have to delete each picture and insert the smaller size. For each post?Kindly advise...There must be a simple way to do this. I have also noticed that in 'Edit Image' icon that comes up in Block
I've been very lazy these days and have been scammed recently.I found out how just a few minutes ago. It goes like this..I wanted to renew an expired domain, then discovered I could not do that as there was a 404 message when I tried to log in via WA.However, my site was still up available in the search engines.So I went to Help/Support in WA and they discovered that my domain name had been registered with GoDaddy and that I would have to buy my domain name from them then point the site to WA
March 15, 2022
Well it's been almost 3.5 years and I'm close to calling it a day. Why? Because, I see that pleasing Google and pleasing the public are 2 different things.Google wants 2000+ word posts. Most people are bouncing off my pages because they are between 500-1500 words long. Maybe I should break up the paragraphs into 2 sentences per paragraph?Maybe. All I know is that people have very short attention spans and lots of text with pictures is not cutting it like 3 years ago when I had traffic.The
March 05, 2022
Well, as it turns out, I mistakenly left my Bing Ads campaign running for more than a week. Luckily, I had a £100 coupon that paid for it. At £15 a day, it wasn't very cheap.I ended up with just 1 subscriber to my email list. Hmmm...!My ad could have been better, but I'm glad it pulled in some traffic. As a result, my site is now ranking in Google and Bing.For those of you who don't know, I had to change my domain name due to my old domain being expired and no longer available f
February 20, 2022
Well I had a forced break as I got hacked and then forgot my WA login details and email details. After much toing and froing, I managed to sort both out and am raring to go...My question to you is this, if you need to make money in a month for example - £300 - what would you do online that could fetch you the cash?My skills are typing, PPC ads, content writing and proof-readingKindly advise...
October 18, 2021
After a little while that my computer sped itself up, I'm well on my way to creating a landing page. Only thing is, I'm not sure about the url it's on. Am I meant to promote the long url that has come up or should I use ideas? I'm not sure what to do.Thanks for any advice given.