Get things done, then come here and post your results!

Last Update: May 23, 2017


Do you talk a lot about your goals and how you are going to accomplish them?

Pay attention to your attitude towards your dreams.

Yes, the first step is to set goals. But then, it's time to go after results and stay true to yourself.

Often times, talking is just a distraction from doing what needs to be done. It's self sabotage.

If you respect the goals that you set for yourself from day 1, stop reading useless stuff, stop watching YouTube videos, stop trying to learn 1001 ways to get traffic to your site, stop talking and simply EXECUTE what you already know!

Follow the main training to the very end and then, execute like crazy!

Making money online requires 1% learning and 99% execution.

Becoming a successful online marketer means becoming an excellent results-maker.

So, when you start getting the results of your hard work, come here and show us! Before that, it's just empty talk.

Be true to yourself. Respect your dreams! Take action!

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The WA training gets results if you do each lesson, including all action items ... no skipping around. And to your point Stefan, WA training is a 'learn and do' process with a heavy emphasis on the 'Do' part.

Not sure if it's 1% learn and 99% do, but it certainly leans in that direction. I suspect the learning percentage is higher in the beginning for new members and then shifts heavily in the do direction as one moves through the courses.

Very true.

I once had a conversation with another member here where his plan was to try to learn something new every day. The problem is, if he keeps learning new things, they can serve as distractions from taking action. It's actually better to learn fewer things but take action on all of them.

Distraction is what is preventing us from achieving faster results. Deep inside I know I could have achieved much more. But my laziness is very strong sometimes.

We need to stick with a highly productive routine and avoid distractions like the plague Marcus...

It is a constant battle...

Good piece of advice.

I am glad it helps you in your business journey!

Thanks Stefan

That's alright! :)

Powerfuy said, Stefan

There's a saying: Let your actions speak so loudly that we can't hear what you say.

Yes, that's true! incredible results always require incredible effort to produce value.

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