Just Keep Going! From a newbies perspective.

Last Update: April 24, 2018

Hi Everyone in the WA community. I hope all are having a Productive day!

l would just like to share my progress with WA for the past 2 mos. Yes, I'm just here

for a short time. Anyway, here's what I've done up to now.

Build my website within a few days

already indexed in Google

published over 6-7 posts and just 4,000 words of good original Content

finishing up on Course 2, lesson 10

I try and write daily. I want my Readers to say, "You know, this relates to me."

Enjoy what I'm doing at WA! I Challenge myself each day!

All's I'm saying here is don't get discouraged. Rome wasn't built in a day!

I personally have along way to go. I know that. Just keep working it.

Thank you,

James, stay focused

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EOPolini Premium
Hey James, you're doing great! If I can add my 2 cents, I would say don't get frustrated; every bump on the road is a learning opportunity. Also, if you happen to take a day off out of frustration frequently, it would be counterproductive. To have a set schedule for work and down time is a more effective strategy. Keep up the good work!
stay focused Premium
Thanks EOPolni!
Just trying to keep it real.. Staying motivated
and challenged. How 'bout you? How far into this
are you? How often do you work this?
Thank you,
EOPolini Premium
Hi James, I work online full time; hope to retire on this. God bless!
CJDodaro Premium
Starting any business in not a quick and easy task. To become successful, it will take a lot of consistent time and effort to get where you want to go.

That being said, discouragements should be met with more determination. If you stay in the mindset that this is what you want to do, and nothing can deter you, you will eventually succeed.

Failures are a part of any true success. Few people hit a home run their first time at bat. Keep on plugging along, and you will get to the finish line.

Best of luck in all you do!

stay focused Premium
Thanks my friend! Words of wisdom for sure!
Let's keep in touch.
stay focused
stay focused Premium
I hoped I helped some newbies like myself.
I have along way to go but, I keep on plugging away!
Short of 2 mos. here and meeting the Challenges.
When I get frustrated with this, I'll take a day off and
come back ready to work. That's my Discipline.
Any of you Pro's have any suggestions I can learn
James, stay focused