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"Build it and they will come." Remember that movie? Starring KevinCostna who plays a farmer and has a love for baseball. A vision as he sees ghostlybaseball greats from the past..Where, these "Greats" appearing out from the cornfieldshave sent a message.."Build it and they will come."So that's what happened. After the farmer did just that,and all of that hard work, great things happened! I think you know the rest of the story....It's sort of the same analogy here at WA. Where, oneis giving all
Hey Everyone!How do You Take Criticism?Some of Us would say, "Ok" while Others,Not so Good.. People like to judge us. For example,our parents, teachers, co-workers, spouses, girlfriend,boyfriend.... You get the idea! How does it effect Youwhen someone is "dishing it out"? I personally don't mindit because, I may have deserved it! Or, it might be a learningprocess to help Me and You! Here at WA, Good Constructive Criticism Is Just That!For Example, when the Community Reviews each of ourWebsites
"Look in the mirror every now and then." Something we alldo other than, our looks. It's about you and me in finding outwho we really are at times. A soul searching of Us! We dothis when looking for anwers or, asking ourselves, "what orhow I'm going to go about something." While doing this Looking in the Mirror thing, one needs to be Truthful about themselves. As we all strive for Success in whatever we do. Rememberthis, it Starts from Within. There are many Challenges ahead.You have to have the
Welcome All, "You can lead a horse to water but, You can't make it drink."!Heard that saying lately? Maybe you have or maybe not.We all know what it means. Right? It's usually "targeted" at someone who needs to "follow through" with a Task.A set of actions to be completed in a good and sensible manner.From time to time, I have said that same thing about peoplethat needed some direction. If you're a Parent like I am, saying this to a teenager sets an example to Finish WhatYou Started!! Sought of
May 02, 2018
Good Morning WA!"The Moment of Truth." Something we all haveheard and faced in our lives. Realistically, in everyday life! The Moment of Truth.. In many situations you and I have to come cleanand face the Truth. Sometimes that's hard to do.We maybe hiding something from someone likeour spouse, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend. You knowwhat I mean. People Lie all the time! I'm no different. Are you? This is why whether youlike this post or not, no one is perfect! We All must look in the mirror Ever
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April 30, 2018
Good Morning WA,That word "Rookie" comes around and around atsome stages of our lives. Whether, you're playinga high level of baseball, basketball, tennis or AffiliateMarketing.. You've made it to a higher level yet, you'restepping up to the plate as a "Rookie." It's time to StrutYour Stuff! Making significant changes in your lifecan feel that way. I'm new at this. I'm "Green." Eventhough we think we are a novice at something, and weprobably are, we're still Rookies at other things..The art of
Hi WA!With all of us living crazy, fast, and at timesuncontrollable lives, this stuff that we're doing,maybe is thearpy to some. It maybe a way to collect our thoughts and turn it into a profit!This stuff about building a website, finding aniche, writing all this content, and getting ranked.Therapy? Hardly to some! But to many, it could be a plan of action to find out about yourself! To escape from the madness of everyday living.. We may likedoing this WA thing. We know it can be frustratingand
Hi, and Welcome!We've all heard this saying time and time again.However, some of us like Me took the bait! Why is this? Is it Subliminal and Daunting by the creator?Or, is it a quick fix for us to earn money withoutactually working for it. We would rather click onthis Magical button and money just pours out!Really? Many think that, why waste all this timebuilding a silly website that no one will read?I NEED MONEY NOW! This author is telling methat, give me a thousand dollars and, I'll guarantee
April 26, 2018
Hi, Everyone at WA!Remember this saying, "Luck of the Draw"? Yeah, so what!What does it really mean? Is it that some people you mayknow, are just plain lucky? Maybe they are.. No matter what they due, it seems like they Strike Gold All the time.Is it fair? I don't have an answer to that. Do you? I knowthat I'm Not one of these people! Many of you here atWA can contest to this. We tend to say that God is lookingdown at them than, more than the rest of us. We, on theother hand always seem to Str
Hi Everyone in the WA community. I hope all are having a Productive day!l would just like to share my progress with WA for the past 2 mos. Yes, I'm just herefor a short time. Anyway, here's what I've done up to now.• Build my website within a few days• already indexed in Google• published over 6-7 posts and just 4,000 words of good original Content• finishing up on Course 2, lesson 10• I try and write daily. I want my Readers to say, "You know, this relates to me."&bull