If It Sounds too Good to be True- It Probably Is!

Last Update: April 27, 2018

Hi, and Welcome!

We've all heard this saying time and time again.

However, some of us like Me took the bait! Why is

this? Is it Subliminal and Daunting by the creator?

Or, is it a quick fix for us to earn money without

actually working for it. We would rather click on

this Magical button and money just pours out!

Really? Many think that, why waste all this time

building a silly website that no one will read?

I NEED MONEY NOW! This author is telling me

that, give me a thousand dollars and, I'll

guarantee you 10k per mo! You know the story!

It DOESN'T HAPPEN! You got Ripped off folks!

No one is returning my calls. I got SCAMMED!

What am I gonna tell my wife...who, I never told

her that I was doing this! Well, it wasn't pretty.


work and a Desire to Want something that's Attainable.


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MsCEOBizAd Premium
Exactly! I find I have no patience for lazy delusional people who think they will get rich with no effort.
BlSt Premium
Very true. Many people want shortcuts. Unfortunately, there are none. Seriously if you don't have a specific long-term goal to fuel your passions, you will never really complete this path called making money online.

It's a very tedious journey requiring reiterated efforts every step of the way.
TedP Premium
Hey James, that is almost certainly the way it goes with any "get rich quick" scheme that people come across. The only one that makes any money is the one that comes up with the scheme. Personally, my mind doesn't work that way, I couldn't ever come up with a way to take someone's money and then that person get nothing in return; however, unfortunately there are far too many people that will do exactly that. Always, always have your guard up if someone is offering you something that even remotely sounds like it is "too good to be true".

The one thing that is certain with WA, it isn't a scam, they do not promise is that you will get rich quick...it is laid out up front that it is a business and it will take time, effort and hard work. The biggest advantage is that everything is laid out to follow, and you have a whole community to lean on when building your business.
stay focused Premium
Thanks TedP!
I was a victim of being scammed 3 yrs. ago.
I took the bait unfortunately! I've learned from
this. When I got involved with WA, I did all the Research
and read all the reviews. I went back and did the digging
again! Here I am.
TedP Premium
I think WA is without a doubt the real deal and absolutely the best. I looked at three other build your own online business sites before finding WA. I spent about 3 weeks, and maybe $100 worth of trial and error. I wasn't scammed, because I got exactly what I was paying for, The problem was, as I got deeper into those business, they were more into bring other people into them as an affiliate and less about the support for building your own business. Plus, the financial cost would have been far more out of pocket than what I could afford, without having an immediate cash flow in return...as with any business, not going to happen...

WA is by far the best, and the community is like no other support system I have ever been involved with...