How Do You Take Criticism?

Last Update: June 06, 2018

Hey Everyone!

How do You Take Criticism?

Some of Us would say, "Ok" while Others,

Not so Good.. People like to judge us. For example,

our parents, teachers, co-workers, spouses, girlfriend,

boyfriend.... You get the idea! How does it effect You

when someone is "dishing it out"? I personally don't mind

it because, I may have deserved it! Or, it might be a learning

process to help Me and You!

Here at WA, Good Constructive Criticism Is Just That!

For Example, when the Community Reviews each of our

Websites. It may be Favorable or Not.. You and I need

to understand that, whoever is giving that Constructive

Criticism in a Nice way, Could Benefit Us! It could be in

the training, content or whatever. Embrace it! Come back

and make a "Statement." As long as it's Constructive!

Thank you,


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MessyJess Premium
Great post! Lot's of truth :)
stay focused Premium
Thanks Messy Jess!
By the way, I like your WA Name!
But, Constructive.Criticism Fires Me Up!
Keeping it Real.
MessyJess Premium
Lol, thanks!
Truths that help us to grow and change are necessary for reaching a brighter future

Keep posting excellent material! :D
stay focused Premium
Thanks Jess,
I enjoy reading all your posts.
You're straight to the point and
Inspirational. We can all learn from
You and other's.
MessyJess Premium
That means a lot, thank you :)

Wishing you lots of success!
EKaye1 Premium
Constructive criticism is just being honest and to make us even better.
marmar463 Premium
You are absolutely right we have to take constructive criticism so we can learn to do better. And not make the same mistake twice.
stay focused Premium
Absolutely marmar!
Constructive Criticism, such as life!
Be Well,