Hard Lesson, Best Teacher

Last Update: April 06, 2018

Hard Lesson, Best Teacher

At the onset, I knew writing is the crux of the Internet Marketing business. Success is dependent on our objectives and how well we write to achieve those objectives. With altruistic motivation, we write to teach, to encourage, to support, to engage, to solve a problem, and ultimately, for a visitor to act.

For some writing flows like a babbling brook. A thought or an idea may surface and after some contemplation, words and structure begin to form onto a page.

From childhood writing, as well as speaking have been difficult for me. I have things I want to say or write; yet, I hesitate due to lack of an ability to deliver my message. Expression is my challenge. I have a type of dyslexia. In most of my writing, I pause between sentences waiting for the next thought to gel. Then there are numerous revisions before I am satisfied with the result.

Let me share my hard lesson that became my teacher. Knowing writing skills develop with practice and repetition, I sat to write a blog. I had a good topic too, about days when writing flows with ease, comfort and acumen versus others requiring determination and diligence.

This was one of those rare days (for me) when my writing flowed like a steady rivulet. It was effortless and fun. I wrote a piece I was proud of, filled with descriptions, effort, honesty and peppered with a little humor to break the monotony. Due to my dyslexia, spell check is always essential before I publish a page. To my horror, every precious word I wrote was lost. I forgot to title my blog. I was devastated, ashamed, despondent and reluctant to climb back on that horse, to retry again.

After the initial hurt, I thought, here is something I need to know and learn. Yes, I'll never do that again. I will put something in the title box for every page or post I write. It can be amended later and my next post will be better as a result.

Eighteen months ago, I endured a traumatic event affecting my brain. Brain actions such as contemplation, memory and the ability to construct writing, which I took for granted, are now hindered. I believe learning to write to be a type of therapy for me. I hope to restructure my brain for all my needs as well as for personal development.

Over the last month, I have built and launched my website, mywaterswork.com. It needs refining. I still have lots to learn to create a website gererating income. Yes, I've jumped into deep waters and welcome your input.

Now, I challenge myself to write blogs. I'm out on a limb now. I will write a blog twice a week on my website and once for WA members. This is a stretch for me. It's a little scary; now it is written. EEK!

Let's be thankful for our hard lessons, for they teach us things we need to be a better person.

I invite you to share one of your hard lessons that contributed to the person you are today.

With graditude,


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Starbound Premium
Hi David,

Thank you for your comments. One thing I've learned regarding hard lessons; they highlight the importance to "get it" this time & never repeat it again. That's a benefit worth moving forward.

Appreciate you time connecting with me.

Trujunco Premium
I smile.. I cry, You are special, as a writer, and I sense your place in a world of frustration...please continue, in this special way.

Sincerely, David
MarkBa Premium
Hi Lovetta

Thanks for sharing your hard lesson here. They do always teach us something if we are open to learning.

I used to always make a list of what I wanted to achieve for the day and it would always be far more than possible. I'd get to the end of each day and feel like a failure. Then I decided to ditch TO DO lists and now I schedule the time I have available each day, which means I achieve more and feel a sense of victory at the end of each day.

~Mark :)
Starbound Premium
Hi Mark,

If we are receptive, our desires & intentions direct us to the right action for us to achieve our goals,

Thank you for your input,
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Lovetta, when I arrived at WA I couldn't write my way out of a wet paper bag, so it is a process and one that with practice we can all master, I guess if we can take we can write. So I am indebted and thankful all rolled into one.
best wishes as you continue to grow and develop your website, wishing you much success.

Have you tried out site content very helpful in helping with the creativity?

Starbound Premium
Hi Alex,

I use site content for my website pages & posts. I haven't learned how to use it for blog posts on the WA platform yet. I tell myself baby steps & keep going.

Thank you for your comments. I appreciate your input.

Best to you,