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Last Update: Nov 12, 2014


Build An Online Business And Blossom-(B-A-O-B-A-B) at Wealthy Affiliate

My 3 months experience with the Wealthy Affiliate Baobab

What WA has in common with the Baobab tree

The Baobab tree is often called the tree of life because it stores life sustaining water inside its trunk and branches. The tree’s water is a valuable resource. The Baobab tree is an ancient survivor. Some Baobab trees may live for several thousands of years. The Baobab stands the test of time in terms of endurance and survives any weather for many years……Such is WA online marketing business Education

The affordable training course at WA is life sustaining because it provides easy to follow materials which are yours and you get to keep the skills to apply for all your marketing business during your entire life. The availability of a wide spectrum of entrepreneurs who graduate, start their business and continue to be part of the WA community to continuously provide counsel to new members will make WA stand the test of time.

Why WA is the online business of choice

When I joined WA in July 2014, I had no clue about what online marketing wasbut I knew that I wanted to acquire skills in this field so as to venture into it following my retirement.

It has been 3 months so far and I can attest to the following benefits to date:

    1.Full training on basics of online marketing

    2.Trained on setting up a website and I have used the skills to set up my website (

    3.Provided with skills on writing content for my posts and blogs in my website and attracting traffic to my website

    4.Trained on monetizing my website for income generation

    5.Exposed to various online marketing tools

One of the most pleasing results was getting one of my posts ranked 2nd on Googlein October and seeing international visitors coming to my website from across the globe which gives me courage that with further work I will get them to convert into financial outcomes.

It is also comforting to be part of a community comprising entrepreneurs, mentors, family who are ready to provide support at any time of the day.

Although the outcomes (sales) are yet to come they are on the way as one has to understand that in any robust educational endeavour, you expect results after completion and putting acquired skills into practice.

I believe that guided by the 5 P’s of Practice, Perfection, Patience, Persistence and Perseverance the financial gains will follow.

WA is not a get rich quick scheme but rather a get an affordable lifelong online marketing education package. The Baobab tree water storage illustrates this principle very well.

Why should you join WA?

The following are the true advantages Wealthy Affiliate has:

  • Costs you $359 per year(compare to an InternetMarketing degree from a university in the region of $15,000+ per year)
  • You get more expert help (access to 10,000’s of entrepreneurs)
  • The ability to EARN while you LEARN
  • You receive direct support from people that are SUCCESSFUL
  • You have access to current education, up to the minute
  • Opportunity for live 24/7/365 interaction, support, and mentorship
  • Ability to ask any question
  • There is education diversity (WA covers over 13 online business models)
  • Get access to live video classes that you can watch over and over again


WA membership is a life sustaining resource in online marketing business similar to water inside the Baobab tree’s trunk and branches.

By joining Wealthy Affiliate and applying the necessary effort and persistence then your online business can blossom, endure and survive for many years.

log on to to join.

Comments, inputs and questions are welcome and may be left at and I will respond at the earliest.

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Great post, well done!!

This is an awesome post and I really enjoyed learning about the Boabab tree and I enjoyed your analogy! :)

Thank you for this! When we need encouragement we can think of the baobab tree and remember your points.

Sorry, I didn't read the post because all the underlining made it hard on my eyes.

Hi Tim, apologies, it's a learning curve and thanks for the feedback, I had not realized that the blog carried all this underlining!,
Continuous improvement is the virtue

I understand. That's why I mentioned it.

Awesome job!

Well said Stan and continued success with you progress and also with you business.

Many thanx

Quite interesting and thank you for sharing. :)

Thanx Kim

very interesting

Thanx Mary

Thanks for a very insightful post. Enjoyed the analogy to the baobab tree.

Many thanx Donna

one of the things interesting about the baobab tree is the fact that each one is unique. They all grow to their own size and shape and beat to their own drum, a bit like the community here at wealthy affiliates.
The training is so diverse and running any type of business online is possible whether it is affiliate marketing, lead generation, drop shipping, product creation or any other type of business you can think of just like the tree

Hi Catherine,
Thank you for this enriching input and I have sent you a personal message for further assistance.

No problem at all I can't mentor you full time but I certainly have an hour for a consultation

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