Why Become Entrepreneur

Last Update: December 01, 2015

Dear friends,

I joined Wealthy Affiliate for the past 1 month and I believe we are living in the information age. Technology will definitely force many employees to be out of job and why should I dream of getting a lucrative job where most of us who experience high paying job may not last long unless you are a "political" animal. For this reason, I am here to share why become entrepreneur.

Below are some my of reasons:

  1. Be in the forefront to replace big dinosaurs or simple existing MNCs. They have become so expensive and huge where there are many red tapes and the top management's renumeration package have become so high that it is no longer possible for MNCs to reduce its expenses. You are in a good position if you planning to provide a service or product that is much cheaper with almost the same quality to replace them. Take a look at what whatsapp/Line/wechat has done to telco companies where telco can no longer enjoy lucrative revenue for SMS. Most telecom companies have lost their revenue in IDD, SMS and potentially roaming will be next. Will you be the next person to provide a service or product to replace another MNC? Don't quit so fast yet. Everything comes from a vision or dream and next will be your determination to follow through.
  2. Family time. Most of us talk about the need to spend more time with family members but most of us can only TALK. I have to admit that setting up your business will be tough at the initial phase. If you manage to bring your company to next level where you have staff to work for you to handle most of your admin issues then you will be able to free yourself to do what you like.
  3. Leave a legacy behind. Working in any company no matter what position you hold, what you have achieved for your employer. I am sorry to say that you or your name won't likely be recognized by employer or shareholders when you leave the company unless it is a unique case. Life is short where I urge readers to do something worthwhile so that your name will be remembered and your next generation will be proud of you.

Feel free to visit my website as I will be focussing my thoughts and insert into below website. Do drop me any comments.


For sure, you will be hearing from me soon.

See you later.


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