You’re 0.0186% Poorer Today Than Yesterday

Last Update: Jan 16, 2022

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We begin 2022 with news about interest rate increases due to inflation.

So, I asked myself how much money did I lose today?

I found out it is 0.0186% each day.

Actually, I did not lose money but rather the value of the money is lost or decreased. It is worse because it quietly burns away the buying power of the money we have.

This is the reason why we need a plan to increase the value of what we have or increase our earning power above and beyond the inflation rate.

If you are earning 15% more from your money and the inflation rate is 4%. Your net earnings are 11%.

Don't forget any cash you are holding that is not invested is also decreasing in value every day.

Inflation has always been there and will continue to do it's damage to burn away the value of our purchasing power.

That is where starting and business on WA and building passive income from affiliate marketing is one way to fight against inflation.

If you are struggling to find a reason for WA and why you should build more income streams. Inflation reducing our quality of life is one reason that applies to all of us as to why we should build our business.

I hope all of you are well and your wealth increases everyday.

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This is really concerning! I have invested a little in gold, silver, and crypto but most of my time and energy goes into building my business through WA. I guess we are all riding out this inflation storm together. Hopefully it does not get as bad as 1930's Germany or 1990's Zimbabwe!

The reality is actually worse than the official rates. Official rate may be 7% but your energy bill may have gone up 20% etc.

That's a frightening concept, I feel like maybe I should take 90% of my life savings and invest in silver and gold!

I also do this by cutting unnecessary costs, Stanley! Until the world sheds the dead horse and gets back on an even keel, it will continue this way and will continue getting worse! The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting even poorer right now, which if you will look at history, this is always happening!

We just have to be smarter and work that way, rather than working harder!

Take care, my friend!


That is exactly what I did last year. Cut my cost significantly by reducing what I pay to banks and government etc…

I'm glad to hear that, Stanley, and it WORKS! Sometimes though, there is only so much that we CAN cut, my friend!

I'm always looking for new areas to cut though!


Stan the man, so right.
That's why I make sure that every day I have more in the bank than I had the previous day. If the cost of living goes up I do what's needed to beat it.
Good post

Yes, it is. We need to do what we can for ourselves because gov(all over the world) is part of the contributor to inflation.

My thoughts exactly, Stanley!


You are so on point of this Stanley. Thanks for sharing!


Hope we have another reason to motivate us to invest effort and resources to create additional income for ourselves.

You are on point, Stanley.
Thank you for sharing great insight.

Thanks for commenting.

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