Will You Quit Affiliate Marketing (WA) in 2020?

Last Update: January 03, 2020

Yes, that is right... Will you QUIT Affiliate Marketing and WA in 2020?

Yes, we should be positive as we start the new year but there will be challenges and we need to tackle it head-on, therefore let's do a, 'begin with the end in mind' exercise here.

Why people quit?

The following are some reasons people quit:

  1. Unrealistic Expectation
    This will be my #1 reason because if you believe you can make lots of money with little or no work, you will quit. If you are expecting to make $10,000 in 30 days, maybe you are better off buying a lottery ticket and even that there's no guarantee you will win anything.
  2. Distraction
    If you are easily distracted by the next shiny object you see, you will just jump on to the next fad wagon. Check your email. That is proof on the internet, it is very dynamic, every few days, someone will have a new product, course, secret system and tools launched. You need self-discipline to overcome distraction and see through to the end.
  3. No Focus
    This may relate to lack of self-discipline to a certain extent and not follow through with the action plan. Distraction does affect our ability to focus.
  4. Cost
    All business will have expenses and online is no exception. After all, it is a business. You need to pay web hosting, paid ads, tools, services for any action item you decide not to do yourself etc. The great thing about WA is it covers many of these with the subscription but you still need to learn and do the work.
  5. Unwilling To Change
    All the training here at WA will amount to zero, if you are unwilling to change and take action. Staying in your comfort zone does not help and a super duper guru mentor will not help either if you are not going to take their advice.
  6. Grasshopper Syndrome
    This refers to thinking we are too small, too insignificant to really do anything. This WA thing is just too difficult to do.
  7. Wrong Niche
    You pick the wrong niche as a first niche and struggle all the way through and not making any money from it. Finding a niche that has buyers and an audience willing to pay money is equally important.
  8. Throwing In The Towel
    Giving up too soon is influence by one's expectations. Many business including affiliate marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Sprinters burn out quickly. It takes time to get over the tipping point to see success.
  9. Fear
    Fear of failure and fear of being judge by others are among the many "fear factors" to overcome when we are in business. Overcoming fear is part of the journey that lead to resilience and persistence.
  10. Scam
    This was a debate for me whether to include into this list but I though I should address the elephant in the room for some. There are no promises made in WA that you will surely make $ (amount of money) by t (certain time frame) and your subscription goes into hosting of your WordPress sites and the training program. If you were to pay for hosting separately and pay for equivalent training separately, you would actually be paying more than what you pay here. Therefore, get this out of your mind and vocabulary once and for all.

I am sure there are more but I believe these 10 reasons will be among the reasons to quit affiliate marketing and if you are aware of it and address it upfront, it may power you with the positive energy to be successful this year.

To Your Best Year Yet In 2020!


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FluffyDuck Premium
10 out of 10 Stanley.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly some people give up without ever truly testing their limits. Where is their desire to push themselves and see what they're capable of, to be better than they were yesterday? They might just surprise themselves if only they persevered just a little bit longer.

"Who Dares Wins" ~22nd Special Air Service Regiment (SAS)
Stanleycmng Premium Plus
Yes, don’t give up on your dream and your goals...
LDSewell Premium
All good points Stanley, and true in all things in life too. It is interesting how the 80/20 thing also seems to apply broadly to so many things as well. Most people quit most things without ever really seriously trying, then they blame everything and everyone else when the source of their frustration is in their mirror.

Thanks for sharing!
Stanleycmng Premium Plus
Yes, it does apply in life. If you quit, you give up the chance to win. Got to be in the game to win it.
machilds85 Premium
Stanley, Thank you for this list! It is cautionary and thought provoking. I could Rider whether I had bit off more than I could ever chew! But, I really considered this opportunity has just the thing to help me focus and develop two or three Niche and more, if espansion allows. I love the whole concept ofof this. But, I will be cognizant of your list of stumbling blocks. We do have them, dont we? They could bee blocks or they could be opportunities to learn ohow tor overcome. Stanley, we are at a reaching place. I reach for success like Kyle and you. Imagine that!🤔...Oh, BTW, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Stanleycmng Premium Plus
Yes, there is a fine line between success and failure. Of course we can expand but find the audience first.