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Last Update: Jan 2, 2022

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As promised in my previous post "Countdown to 2021," I will share my goals for 2022.

What is more useful for you is the approach I am taking to set my goals.

There are only 2 rules.

Rule 1:

No BIG audacious goals!

Rule 2:

Achievability and commitment to the goal is the ONLY consideration.

Now, in my previous blog post, I mentioned RELECTION on

  • what went well
  • what could be better

in 2021 in the following 4 areas.

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationship
  • Self

Here it is...

What Went Well:

What Could Be Better

Use Reflection To Set 2022 Goals

The next step is to use the reflection to set goals for 2022. the idea is to:

  • Identify Any BIG problem we need to address
  • To focus on what went well and do more of it

The idea here is simple, we cannot achieve our goals because they are unrealistic or we have a big problem in the way.

For me, my big problems were:

  • my brick and mortar business was affected by what was happening in the market from 2019 to 2021 and I have incurred spiralling debt to keep it afloat.
  • Health problems

By removing these, I can be more focused in 2022.

If you are doing things that went well in 2021, like make $1,000 per month from your affiliate site. You don't need a new goal, just focus on what is working and increase your income to $2,000, etc.


    Watch my diet and exercise 3 times a week. (if I am not healthy, I cannot execute of the rest)
    Build 2 income streams in 2022 - Each targeting $1,000 per month each
    Allocate time each week for building relationship
  4. SELF
    Be more focus and allocate 'time to do." This will be time to work on each business stream.

Yes, there are no big, audacious goals but to move forward the GOAL is PROGRESS.

Come Dec 31, 2022, the idea is to have achieved all the above and made PROGRESS.


To test commitment to goals, I reflect and asked myself the following questions:

  • Will I do it? (Not having a goal is better than lying to myself)
  • What if I don't do it?
  • How will I feel about myself?
  • What will be life be like if I achieve these goals?
  • Who are you doing this for?

Commitment is all about having reasons that are important to motivate us to achieve our goals.

This is my journey to reflect and set goals that are small, achievable steps to progress.

Please comment below if you find this useful.

Happy New Year and I wish for all to achieve your goals in 2022.


Recent Comments


What I especially like about this post is how you talk about the need to improve that might not have gone as well as you might have liked. Most people don't do that,

And no unobtainable New Year resolutions either. You talk about yourself and the need for more time spent on relationships, which adds a personal flair. Nice.


Thanks Terry, we need to know why we are doing what we choose to do. Keep sight of all that is important is necessary for us to set our priorities.

These are great and you have done amazingly well in 2021.
I hope you add some "Just Be" time. As long as you are close to your straight line, even if your actual actions are a wavy line criss crossing it, you are still going in the right direction. Be kind to yourself so you don't crash and burn.
I wish you massive good luck to go with your massive success.

Anne xxx

Thanks, Anne. Got to work and stop to smell the roses along the way.

I find it very useful indeed
I love the fact that your reflection process is in depth but at the same time, they are also realistic

I believe as you have broken them down in small chunks, it will achievable
Wishing you lots of consistency and success as you go throughout your journey

Appreciate your comments. Now the action begins for this journey.

Definitely ;)

Hi, Stanley
Paul Mindra is here from Ontario, Canada.

It is very nice to hear from you.

What part of the world are you coming to me from.

Stanley, stay with me.

Are you Indian or Phill.?

You remind me of a brother to me.

Ha! Ha! Paul. I am neither. I am a Singaporean Chinese.

These are some excellent goals that you have set for yourself, Stanley.



Thanks, Myra. Hope you are having a great new year so far.

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