Slow Down and Smell the Food!

Last Update: May 15, 2019

Women are so many things; beautiful, charming, helpful, sensual, funny.

Women play so many roles; mother, sister, daughter, aunt, niece.

Many of us march to the beat of a different drum.

My point is, it is easy to get caught up in everything you are supposed to be, but it is so important to know who you are. Do not settle for less.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate, we are a large family. The only thing missing is the large dining table completely dressed with linen, stunning china, gleaming crystal picking up the flicker of beautiful candles, with a feast of duck a l'orange served on a bed of wild rice, homemade cornbread dressing, golden crusted yeast rolls, collard greens, buttered corn, sweet iced tea with a lemon wedge and a sprig of mint on your crystal glass. Desert offers you a mouth watering lemon meringue pie, sweet potato pie baked to perfection, delicious hummingbird cake, and a steaming hot cup of coffee or hot tea.

That sounds like a feast prepared for a king, and that is my point!

Some women get so caught up in trying to think of everything to make every event special and inviting that we forget to simply enjoy ourselves. This is about taking the time to smell the roses, or in this case the food!

Remember the simple joys of everyday life. Look at the breathtaking scenery around you, watch your children play, grow, and learn new things every day. It is so easy to get caught up with the everyday ins and outs of life that we often let so much pass us by in this busy world that we live in.

Thank you to all the ladies in Wealthy Affiliate who are multitasking here and every day. These classes and running your own business can become very overwhelming at times. Be sure to allow yourself to take the breaks that you need. Some tips that have really helped me are listening to some music like jazz, Bach or Beethoven, aromatherapy, run a soothing bubble bath with some inexpensive candles, take some time and watch a movie you have wanted to see, fix yourself a cheese plate or some popcorn, and drink a refreshing glass of your preferred beverage. Now that the weather is starting to improve, go outside and enjoy nature-bird watch.

Relax, relax, relax! Now you can return to your work with a rested mind and body.
Pacing yourself and knowing exactly when to stop is so important. This is not a race to see who will finish first, so enjoy this wonderful experience along the way. Know that there are many, many people within Wealthy Affiliate, both male and female, to help you along your journey. Good luck!


Ms. Sharon

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FKelso Premium
Yes, you are right. The work needs breaks.
SStubbins1 Premium
Thank you so very much for reading my blog
Be sure and take some time for yourself.


Ms. Sharon