Operation's Managment- What You Need to Remember

Last Update: May 23, 2019

“Operations management is the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization.”- Will Kenton of Investopedia

Thinking back to a time before the internet ran our world may be easy for some of us, but for others, their memory doesn’t reach that far.

How did businesses keep everything going without the accessibility that we have at our fingertips today? Well, through hard work, time, effort, and a lot of organization.

Of course, the same foundation building blocks still apply: hard work, time, effort, and organization- but the internet makes running a business so much simpler now, not to be confused with easy.

In larger businesses, there are individuals whose job is just ‘operations management’. Here at Wealthy Affiliates, I am sure most of us do that work ourselves.

So what can we learn from operation managers? Let’s first learn about what their job really entails.

Operation managers collect, grow, and provide services or goods to consumers. They focus on procedures and processes that work best for the company, which includes updating the old if it no longer works, and they must be innovative, productive, organized, and versatile.

Being able to understand what is in the best interest of the company as a whole is a skill that is detrimental for both the job and the business itself. In order to do that though, the person must fully understand and grasp every working part that keeps the business running and successful.

For many of us in the online business, these jobs are our responsibility, along with all the other work we do day in and day out. But with this hard work comes great accomplishment!

It is very important for us to remember though, that even though most of us probably do not have to keep up with physical materials, resources, buildings, etc. in this particular line of work, the skills still apply to us and are just as important for an online business as they are for a physical corporation that you can touch and feel.

Although we all know how busy this gets, do not forget to take the time to thoroughly look at your business as a whole, with the many intricate moving parts that keep it going.

I hope this helped somebody reading, and please leave your opinions below.


Ms. Sharon

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LLettau1 Premium Plus
Operations management is the developed skill that separates the high achievers from the mediocre in the WA family. Simple fact.
Cherry21 Premium
I never thought of Operation Management like that. I guess they were and in some places still are the silent glue that keeps companies running. In essence each one of us working on our website sites cover that roll as well.

I enjoyed this post. Thank you. Be Blessed.
SStubbins1 Premium
I am so glad you enjoyed it, and that I was able to bring a fresh perspective. Have a blessed day.
Ms. Sharon